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AMC 2007 From A to Z

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AMC had a banner year. And by banner I mean abysmal. Dixie was murdered with breakfast foods, Babe was recast, Greenlee was stripped of her intelligence and given baby rabies. Here's a list from A to Z of The Good, The Bad and The UGLY for AMC 2007. 


The great and the least

The weak and the strong

The rich and the poor

In sickness and health

In joy and sorrow

In tragedy and triumph

You are All My Children.

A is for Ava and Amoxicillin

– whenever I have to sit thru a scene with Ava I feel the need for a round of antibiotics. Especially after the scene of her and JR dry humping in the alley behind The Comeback. EW!

B is for Babies In Peril

– there were kidnapped babies and deaf babies and premature babies and a woman with baby rabies. It was a baby drama. Just because the name of the show is All My Children doesn’t mean it has to be all babies all the time.

C is for The Comeback

– apparently they shut down the Valley Inn dining room and The Yacht Club is closed for the winter so everybody and their babydoll has to eat at The Comeback. The only dive bar I know of that serves a full breakfast menu.

D is for Dixie’s Undignified Death

– could they have been any more cavalier in the death of our beloved Dixie??? I don’t think any fan of AMC will ever forgive McTavish and the other PTB for what they did.

E is for Extraneous Characters

– the Garage Band next door? Ava? Hannah? All extra characters that really aren’t necessary.

F is for FIRED

– because this is what the higher ups FINALLY said to McTavish!!

G is for Grandma

– a word that Kendall and Bianca’s children will never say in reference to Erica Kane.

H is for Hot

– Richie? Hot. Zach? Hot. Aiden? Hot. JR with a haircut? Hot. Josh with the stick removed from his butt? Hot.

I is for Ignorant

 - It is ignorant for TPTB to ignore their vets. It was ignorant of TPTB to fire Julia Barr and Cady McClain. It is ignorant of TPTB to shove the Fab Five down our throats and force them to carry the show when there are a zillion other characters they could share the load with.

J is for Jackson

– the man grew a set and called Erica on her crap. I raise my glass of ale in a silent toast to Jack Montgomery.

K is for Kendall Hart Slater

– give the girl a vacation! Her babies are always sick, her husband is always missing and her life is always in danger. I say Kendall and her kids need an Island getaway!

L is for Love

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– where the hell did it go??????

M is for Machiavellian

– I am so in love with Richie and his Machiavellian plans for Annie and the rest of Pine Valley. He makes the show worth watching on most days…

N is for Nutty

– Why is our favorite Nutty gal Janet stuck in a psych ward? I think we need to have her roaming around town calling people out in her nutty way. Just don’t let her get near the freezer… You could end up like Uncle Pork Chop.

O is for Old Man Cambius

– the man arose for the ashes (literally, he was cremated when he died) just to come back and torment his son for some perceived slight. He killed women that really had nothing to do with Zach (Erin? Simone? Weren’t very close to Zach last time I checked) just to teach Zach a lesson. And Zach’s mom died…I missed most of this really because I just didn’t give a flying fig. All I know what Kendall ended up in a white dress and Babe fake died.

P is for Poor

– Poor Adam lost his fortune to Zach when he tried to ransom JR away from his own kidnappers. Poor Krystal lost her meal ticket when she came clean to Adam that the baby she was carrying wasn’t his. Poor Babe lost all her good sense when she was recast as a Bobble Head.

Q is for Quit While You Are Ahead

– advice that should have been given to Erica before she tried to have Greenlee committed.

R is for Recast

– something this show has not had good luck with this year. Sabine Singh has grown on most of us but she’s still not Greenlee. And don’t even get me started on Bobble Head Babe.

S is for Stuck in a Well

– Greens and Zach may be the only people literally stuck in a well but considering how little the characters interact with people outside of their own storyline you would think everyone was stuck in a well

T is for Thanksgiving

– there wasn’t much of one this year. Everyone gathering at The Comeback for turkey and cranberry sauce just didn’t have the same kick as the Montgomery/Kane shindigs at The Valley Inn.

U is for Uncomfortable

– Ava and Johnny, Ava and JR, Ava and Sean… All uncomfortable pairings. Adam panting after Krystal is uncomfortable. Richie having to pretend he finds Bobble Head Babe intriguing is uncomfortable. Watching Kendall plot her disastrous (and ultimately pointless) revenge was the pinnacle of uncomfortable this year. That is until we had to witness the kiss between a panic stricken Greenlee and a bloody Zach.

V is for Victim

– was there a woman on the show this year that wasn’t a victim of some sort? I don’t think there was. It started with The Senile Slayer Story and hasn’t really stopped since then. As much as I love Richie I can’t deny that he is victimizing Annie… Maybe next year our girls can get their balls back??

W is for Waxbeans

– Danielle’s pet name for Greenlee and her war cry NO MORE WAXBEANS! Well honey, I guess some one heard your cry because Waxbeans is outta there!!!!! Welcome back, Rebecca Budig!!!!!!!!!

X is for sex with an eX

– Adam did it with Krystal. JR did it with Babe. Greenlee wanted to do it with Ryan. Erica did it with Jack when they celebrated The New Divorce. Other than Kendall and Zach did anyone leave the party with the person that brought them???

Y is for next Year

– it can only get better. Angie and Jesse are back!!! O.G. Greenlee is coming back!! Rumors have it there is more to come… I can’t wait!!!! 

Z is for Zendall – has a day gone by that we haven’t seen them front and center on our screens? I didn’t think so…