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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.13.07

Here's the Scoop!

Diane and Alexis up for an award?  I'm hearing both ladies are nominated for Litigator of the Year.  RUMORS say they'll get lost on their way to the ceremony and wind up in a biker bar.  Does this RUMOR go with OLD RUMORS that we may see a Davis & Miller Law Partnership?

While Alexis is away, she'll ask Ric to watch both Molly and Kristina.  RUMORS go on to say that Ric has a scene with Kristina about regrets and moving past mistakes.  Are they trying to make the fans more sympathetic to Ric?  Rexis fans don't forget they're a part of the Christmas Montage with the girls.

Trevor issues Skye a warning through Ric.  He'll tell his son to advise Skye to deal.  Ric wants to help Skye but she insists she can handle it.  Will Skye be able to play with the Mobsters?  Most likely not and RUMOR has it she'll be regretting her decision.

What will happen with LuSam?  Well I am hearing that Sam's misdeeds do in fact come out during the custody battle.  Lucky is RUMORED to break up with Sam but it doesn't mean they're over for good.  Sam SHOULD BE there for Lucky when he needs her.

Is Nikolas changing his mind and offering to father Robin's child?  That's the latest out there.  In wake of recent tragedies, Patrick reconsiders his decision and Nikolas' offer has Patrick stepping up to father Robin's baby.

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I told you Jason and Elizabeth will start a secret affair.  It shouldn't stay secret too long as RUMORS have Lucky finding them together.  Now I am seeing it may be Sam tipping Lucky off to the secret trysts and when she pushes hard for Lucky to confront Jason, Lucky may be questioning Sam's motives. 

Felicia will be on for five episodes.  I am hearing not only is Kirsten Storms turning in some fantastic work in the wake of Georgie's death but John J. York has also put in some great stuff.  When Dillon returns, he has no idea Georgie has died.  In fact, he goes to Kelly's looking for her to tell her some exciting news.  Lulu and Spinelli are there and Lulu breaks the horrible news.

Kate leaves a letter for Sonny.  A "Dear John" letter.  Carly gets a call telling her that Michael is missing.

Luke needs to go back under the knife.  Is he taking another trip through hell?

Johnny kisses Lulu!  Carly has a warning for her cousin.  As much as she loved Sonny, there were still aspects of his life that were very difficult to handle.  She'll tell Lulu that getting involved with Johnny is not a good idea. 

Sonny puts a hit out on Johnny and Lulu & Johnny Z are RUMORED to overhear the order.  Will Jason carry through with his promise?