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Lucas confesses: "I did shoot at EJ"

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According to Soap Opera Digest in upcoming episodes of Days of our Lives, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) admits he was at the church during Sami and EJ's wedding and did shoot at EJ.  Although recently arousing the suspicion of the Salem PD, many viewers have seen Lucas as the red herring 3rd shooter - too obvious a choice.  Indeed, it's still not determined whether it is Lucas' bullet that is lodged in EJ's spine; but Lucas' own admission, coupled with his desire to get out of town is making him look pretty guilty.

In another twist, Lucas is also rumoured to be going off canvas for a few months, but fear not Bryan fans, it's not rumoured to be permanent.  Bryan's contract is up for renewal in February 2008 though, so if you're a Bryan fan and you want to keep seeing him on the show, get those letters in the mail to show your love!  Post them addressed to Bryan, at the following address:

Bryan Dattilo

c/- Days OF Our Lives

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