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OLTL Scoops & Spoilers 12.13.07

How about some One Life to Live Spoilers? I haven’t watched in awhile but all I keep hearing is how great OLTL has been.

Here’s Some Scoop!

Is Star getting holiday wishes from an old flame of Todd’s? RUMOR has it that Tea will be sending her a Christmas card. Blair has a snarky remark. Another blast from the past, Jake! Jessica may be getting a Christmas card from her old brother –in- law. His card is RUMORED to have a picture of his wife, a wife that looks a lot like Megan.

Addie’s acting crazy at the  Kramer Family Christmas Party.

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A Dorian, Charlie and Vikki love triangle in the works?

John wants Cole to let him take the blame.

Rex heads off to Texas in search of Marcie but guess who he sees instead? GiGi! And we’re hearing that Rex is Shayne’s Daddy! In need of cash Marcie visits a pawn shop with her engagement ring. Rex, suspecting he could be the baby’s daddy, buys an engagement ring for Gigi, Marcie’s engagement ring. Will Michael see the ring when Rex gives it to Adriana?

Upset over a kiss with Jared, Natalie winds up in John’s arms and then in his bed! She fesses up to Jared about her and John and he can’t believe it.  Speaking of Jared, Jessica and Nash try to figure out how to deal with him.  Jess' answer, fake a Tess comeback. 

Todd has plans to change Tommy’s name to Sam in honor of Sam Rappaport.