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Top 10 Most Missed, 2007

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Top 10 Most Missed Characters

1. Minority Characters (All Soaps)

2. Asa Buchanan (One Life to Live)

3. Helena Cassadine (General Hospital)

4. The Bauer Family (Guiding Light)

5. A Living Quartermaine Family (General Hospital)

6. Victor Kiriakis (Days of Our Lives)

7. James Stenbeck (As the World Turns)

8. John Abbott (Young and Restless)

9. David Hayward (All My Children)

10. Eric Brady (Days of Our Lives)

Minority Characters:
What has happened on daytime and the hiring of minorities is downright shameful. Am I just talking about races here? Absolutely not. Do the powers that be honestly think that when we walk down the street or go to work, everyone is a tall, gorgeous, size-zero Caucasian? While I am grateful for the Lopez family, the Vegas and the Winters, the NFL would launch an investigation concerning the lack of diversity on daytime. Shape up soaps or I'll sic Oprah on you.

Asa Buchanan:
While One Life to Live has been invigorated of late, we still miss the anchor of the Buchanan family. We miss his schemes, his love and mostly his leadership. The show just isn't the same.

Helena Cassadine: This is for Luke or he wasn't going to publish my list. Seriously though, a true and shocking evil is needed in Port Charles. Not the defanged Helena who quakes at Sonny but the TRUE Helena who would smash anyone in her way.

The Bauer Family:
Since the decimation of the oldest family in daytime began, the soap hasn't recovered. Ed, Michelle, Maureen, Hope, Alan-Michael (yes, he's half-Bauer) are gaping holes in a once great soap.

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A Living Quartermaine Family: NO MORE GHOSTS. Dang.

Victor Kiriakis:  Where has the suave, debonair yet sinister villain who made you continuously want to see him punished yet secretly rooted for him to reunite with his true love Caroline Brady? It’s a travesty that he isn’t on my screen.

James Stenbeck:
Speaking of villains, does it get better than James Stenbeck? Does it get better when you know the incomparable Anthony Herrera is giving everything he has to this fantastic role?

John Abbott: Only if he realizes that a father should support his only son.

David Hayward: Ah my dastardly Dr. Death. Pine Valley hasn’t been nearly as fun or as interesting since he’s been gone. What a partner in crime he’d make for Richie!

Eric Brady: With rumors of John coming back from the dead and Sami going through everything under the sun, it makes sense for her twin to be back and be in the middle of it all. Yin to her Yang, Eric is one of the few who could talk Sami down while allowing her to be the delightful vixen she is.