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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.14.07

Here's the Scoop!

Remember Maxie said the killer had a distinct smell?  Well Maxie tells Coop, the killer smelled sweet.  Is this what has the cops looking at orange soda junkie, Spinelli?  Maxie starts to think its Logan.

Luke's second operation is on the 24th.  Will we be treated to another trip through Luke's version of hell?  Not sure, maybe.  That's the day of the Christmas Montage so his surgery may just be a part of that.

Michael wants to be a "mini-mobster"!  Carly calls Jason over to talk to Michael.

Kate will be in Manhattan over the holidays.  Warren pays her a visit and offers her job back.  Sonny also shows up and offers to take her home.  Is Diane meddling too much?

Jason looks in on Elizabeth and the boys at Christmas.  He also calls Elizabeth to meet him at the Metro Court.  When she arrives he tells her that he needed to see her and then lays a big kiss on her.  They'll agree that they can have a realtionship, in secret.

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Patrick is there to comfort Robin in the wake of Georgie's death.  They'll spend the night together with Patrick simply holding her in his arms.  Robin meets with Kelly and tells her she's ready to get pregnant with a sperm donor from the sperm bank.

Carly is hit with the Flu Bug.  Will she think its morning sickness?

Someone close to GH has confirmed that Sarah Brown will either be a Zacchara or Sarah Webber.

Kristina Wagner's 4th script was written by scabs.

Will Trevor Lansing be a casualty of February Sweeps?  That's the latest RUMOR.  His character was never supposed to be around all that long however, I had heard that TPTB really liked Stephen M. 

Bruce Weitz was asked to return in 2008 for another short stint.  Remember I mentioned that ZaCrazy may be back.