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More Comes Out On Singh's Firing

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Greenlee Casting Controversy: Information surrounding Sabine Singh's firing and backstage repercussions is starting to leak out a day after it was officially confirmed by SON that Singh had been fired to make way for the return of Rebecca Budig to All My Children.

Superposter has published at least two emails from those close to Singh which tell quite honestly the events surrounding the firing. How long Sabine has known and the impact its had behind the scenes at All My Children. We've posted a few excerpts below but you will definitely want to read the whole thing.

"SHE WAS FIRED! She was given a week to leave quietly and told that Rebecca was coming back. Supposedly Frons had been in talks with her since before Thanksgiving, this is why she was invited to SSW then had her invitation taken from her. The cast just found out yesterday and they are all in shock. Sabine herself didn't even see it coming, for months they kept telling her how amazing she was and she should look forward to another contract after her 4 years were up, and then BAM, c-ya later Sabine. She's not getting any kind of compensation for it either, not a single penny. She was fired, right before Christmas, with not even severance of any kind! Talk about SCROOGE MC FRONS! AMC is trying to save their ratings, so they basically tossed her out in the world with nothing, but she has been going to work with her head held high just to save the dignity of the show and keep the respect of all of the cast and crew. She didn't even want to tell anyone after she found out b/c she didn't want it to interfere with THEIR acting on set as well, how strong is that?"

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"Regardless of if you like her or hate her, as a close member in her life i can tell you she has spent the past 10 months of her life giving amc everything. she worked everday 17 hours plus, gave up relationships, gave away sadie her dog she loves so much but couldnt take care of with such demanding studio hours - was in unbelievably difficult storylines, emotionally upheaving... so much. BUT then again, we all work so hard at our jobs and that is not my point. on monday she was called into the exec prods office and told to pack her things and leave, no thank you for your hard work - or doing the best you could - or giving it your all. nothing. Not even any financial compensation. she leaves in the middle of a four year contract with NO MONEY or means on how she will survive (ok i love the chick - she'll be just fine - but to be living your life knowing greenlees storyline for the next 6 months being told over and over again how much she is appreciated doing a great job their gonna want to renew her contract,etc, she was floored and SHE IS IN SHOCK.) and apparently rebecca asked to come back way before thanksgiving and they didnt even tell sabine. she coulve started looking for other work! shes being thrown away not cause she was a problem - but because someone else wanted their job back and the high ups at amc need to save their show with ratings. "

My thoughts: Obviously anyone who has ever listened to the podcast or read the blog or any of my posts in the forums at TV Fan Online knows I'm a huge Rebecca Budig fan and am extremely excited to have her back.

However, you also know that I was against a Greenlee recast from day one, no matter who it may have been. You also know that even though I never warmed to Singh as Greenlee I think she's done the best she can in tough situation. This is one of the reasons why we named Sabine one of our Top 10 Newcomers in 2007. No newcomer had a tougher job than her in 2007.

How this has been handled by TPTB is terrible. It isn't fair to Singh or Budig and it only makes the executives look even worse than many already believe they are. Sabine has given it her all, we can all see that. Since her arrival she's been put through hell, she's had to portray a character who has been the victim of a writer hack job and now the actress has  had the rug pulled out from under her.

My question is this. Should we have seen the writing on the wall a long time ago? From the day that they paired Singh with Egglesfield I saw possibilities. They had obvious chemistry and a Greenlee vs. Erica war over Josh had lots of storyline potential and would call on the shows history. Then Greenlee was paired with Aiden who has yet to have a lasting relationship with any female character on the show. Should we have known then that something was up? This is terribly unfortunate for Singh fans. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is harsh realty of the daytime industry. Just look at Carly Corinthos on General Hospital.

What are your on this? Does this make you think about one or both actresses?