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Cady McClain's Last Day on ATWT

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In a post on her official website Cady McClain is talking about her last day at As the World Turns and All My Children promos. We've posted an excerpt below but be sure to check out her website.

"Last day at ATWT was a gloomy one. Grayson had his last day as well and he gave a lovely speech when they gave him a cake- really recognized what a lovely group of people work on the crew and in the cast. The production was also cutting half the floor crew, which was really sad, right before Christmas.

I did not get a chance to give a speech, nor was I given a cake, but I understand I was only on recurring, and only back for 6 months at that, so I am sure they figured I was a hired gun and hired guns don’t need cakes or speeches. It’s the way it goes.

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I’m sorry about the AMC promo being a tease and subsequent disappointment for some of you. I know nothing about it, nor have I been contacted to return as Dixie. Disney/ABC owns my work so they are free to use whatever they like from the past to promote what they feel is an important evolution in the story line." - Cady McClain