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Casey's Coming Home!

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Hurray Casey Hughes is heading back to Oakdale! Casey last played by Zach Roerig, will now be portrayed by newcomer Billy Magnussen. Billy recently appeared in the Broadway comedy play "The Ritz" which ran till December 9, 2007.

The last we saw of Casey was back on May 2, 2007 when he was sent to prison for jumping bail. This after Casey became addicted to online gambling which resulted in him being deep into debt and theft. To make matters worse this past summer he dumped then girlfriend Maddie Coleman over the phone. Look for Casey to reappear in Oakdale early in the new year (January 29, 2008 is what SoapCentral has listed)

I just find it sad that Casey will come home but Maddie will be gone. Oh how I miss Alexandra Chando's Maddie and her relationship with Casey...they were so good together! Perhaps with Casey's return As The World Turns has a recast in mind for Maddie after all???

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