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John's Photograph - Days Spoilers 12/17/07

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You’re reading the thoughts of a happy camper this week – Marlena is on! Yay! And Stefano! Double Yay!

Marlena’s cleaning out John’s closet this week with Hope’s help, and they are going to come across a mysterious photo of John and a woman – I've heard rumours that it’s his mother…  I'm confused, isn't his mother supposed to be Daphne DiMera??  Marlena will ask Roman to help track down this woman in the photo… could it be Colleen?? Also this week, Marlena is going to be having more ‘heart-to-heart’ conversations with Sami about her feelings for EJ (haven’t we covered this already?).

Speaking of Sami, she’s going to discover Lucas’ package (that just sounds so wrong, doesn’t it?) at EJ’s and what’s in it. She’s going to give EJ a piece of her mind about him eavesdropping on her and Lucas (oh Sami, you’re just annoyed that you didn’t think of doing it first, admit it!), whereas EJ is going to tell Sami some home truths about how much she really enjoys having Lucas and himself fight over her (finally! Thank you EJ).

Lucas is still in the poo – Kate warns him that EJ has his package (again, that just sounds wrong) and Lucas admits that he was at the church but did not shoot EJ – he’s going to plead guilty anyway. Kate tells him he should leave the country while he still can; Lucas asks Billie to be Allie’s Godmother and to look out for her if he cannot (I’m sorry, but isn’t that Sami’s job?).

Over at the DiMera mansion (DiMansion), Stefano checks on his new soldier (we’re still taking bets on who this is… Andre? John? Bart?) and is closing in on his sworn enemy (the one sending the notes?). I really hope there’s a scene in there somewhere with Marlena…

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Sorority – Nick is back this week! Triple Yay! He and Max have a chat about manning up in their love lives (this should be interesting... LOL). Cordy’s gone missing, Billie’s looking for Ford, and Stephanie confides that Ford raped her - but not to Max.

Shelle/Phelle/Phloe – Shawn is going to out Philip as the one who ‘planted’ the gun out the back of the Brady Pub, Philip is going to let everyone know (especially the Glittery Hoo Hoo – thanks Lisa for Belle’s other nickname!) that he and Chloe are going out on a date, Belle finds out and is jealous, she does a poor job of concealing her temper tantrum – Shawn thinks he should warn Chloe about Philip.

Last but not least – there’s a little bit about Patch and Kayla and their desire to have another child.

This Week

Spotted: Maggie

MIA: it looks like an almost full cast on canvas (contracted anyway)

Sore Point: Drake Hogestyn contract ends on December 18th – some of you may have noticed he’s already off the credits at the end of the show.

Next week

* Days favourite Alice Horton (Frances Reid) for the Annual Horton Family Christmas

* I Wanna Be A Soap Star winner Ashlee Holland will be on air from December 26th