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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.17.07

GOOD BYE GEORGIE JONES..... its a sad day as Georgie is killed today by the Text Message Killer.  I'm hearing that Mac crosses the line in his search for Georgie's killer.

Spinelli and Maxie?  Get your mind out of the gutters people!  LOL!  In the wake of Georgie's death the pair form a friendship and try to figure out who the TMK is.  Will Spinelli be able to make Maxie see that Coop could be the killer?  I'm hearing the Bad Blonde One does in fact start to suspect her boyfriend. 

Robin Christopher is leaving Port Charles but she may be heading to Pine Valley.   That is what I am hearing is holding up the official announcement of her departure. ABC Daytime wants to announce both her departure and arrival at the same time.  Skye will receive a package that she thinks is a bomb.  Threats are made on Skye from Trevor and Ric is not happy with dear old dad.  Also I am hearing that Trevor has a threat for Alexis too.

RUMORS swirling around say Sarah Brown will be getting lots of screen time.  Possibly the most out of any female.

Carly will have problems getting preggers.  Is she the problem or Jax?  RUMORS have his sperm count a little low, making it difficult for CarJax to conceive naturally.

OLD RUMORS had Robin being attacked and that it tied into all those "premonitions" she was having.  I am now hearing that is no longer happening.

Remember, Elizabeth will be attacked.  Will this send Jason running in fear of Elizabeth's safety? 

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Sam is still out for revenge.  She is RUMORED to be on her revenge path until she gets busted.  Elizabeth v. Sam round 3,511,289....Liz tells Sam she doesn't want her around the boys.  Lucky is SUPPOSED to have them on Christmas Eve at some point and they do go to Sam's place.  Jason and Liz should be spending Christams Eve together as well.

Jerry is RUMORED to be worried for Sam when he finds her cellphone.  There are plans for a redemption of Jerry Jacks without losing the character's ruthlessness.  Will they pair him with Alexis?  They're certainly testing the waters.  He'll help Alexis with Nikolas when his condition worsens.  Jerry also is RUMORED to confront Trevor about the warning he issued Alexis.

Speaking of Nikolas, what's going on with him?  It looks like Emily and Nikolas will want to stay together regardless of the cost.  But in the end it SHOULD BE Emily convincing Nikolas to get the treatment he needs.

Are there two killers?  That's a RUMOR.  Remember I told you a day player will be arrested? Well it looks like Lucky does the arresting and he's convinced he has the right guy.  BUT he doesn't.  Someone is attacked while the guy is in custody.  So who is this guy he arrested?  He's RUMORED to be some crazy fan of EveryDay Hereos.

Sonny in Kate's world....can he fit in?  Michael wants to know what Sonny is doing about the killer.

Johnny needs help dealing with Trevor.  Who does he go to? ZaCrazy! 

There is no Hospital Christmas Party this year.  Alan will be there with Tracey as Luke goes back in for surgery on Christams Eve.  He'll be sporting a Santa Hat for the holidays.

Logan's trouble in Iraq may finally come out.