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In Memoriam: Georgie Jones Scorpio

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Well its finally happened. After months of bracing ourselves for what appeared to be the inevitable Georgie has finally been murdered at the thumbs of the Text Message Killer, or as I'm beginning to call him Brian Frons Pawn. WTF is going on with this show? They killed off Alan in February and Stuart Damon was only saved by fan outrage and came back as a ghost. Natalia Livingston's Emily Quartermaine was strangled by the All Thumbs Killer and now Georgie Jones Scorpio Quartmermaine has been killed off.  Georgie was one of the most "real life" characters on General Hospital. Georgie and Spinelli had tons of potential as a couple and they decided to go with Nadine instead? A character who we have absolutely no historic or sentimental attachment to? This is a sad, sad, sad day. Another member of three heritage families has been killed off. All hail ABC daytime!

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