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Top 10 Couples of 2007


One thing that Lisa and I have discussed at various points throughout the year is how few really good couples there are in daytime anymore, in terms of true romance. That is one of the reason's why the Top 10 Couples of 2007 was a hard category to decide on.

Top 10 Couples

1. Luke & Noah (As the World Turns)

2. Elizabeth & Jason (General Hospital)

3. EJ & Sami (Days of Our Lives)

4. Luke & Tracy (General Hospital)

5. Jared & Natalie (One Life to Live)

6. Lucky & Sam (General Hospital)

7. Lizzie & Bill (Guiding Light)

8. Lucas & Sami (Days of Our Lives)

9. Colleen & Korbel (Before Recast, Young & Restless)

10. Ashley & Coop (Guiding Light)

Luke & Noah: No couple in daytime received as much mainstream press as As the World Turns' Luke and Noah. However, what is ironic about this couple is that even though they made headlines for being the first gay couple in daytime they are actually an honest to goodness romantic couple.

Elizabeth & Jason:
Liason made earned the second spot on our list for the sheer fact that this couple has been years in the making and even though they slept together in 2006 it was 2007 that they finally came into their own.

EJ & Sami:
You might find it odd that Days of Our Live's Sami Brady appears twice on our list but we had to do it. There is a connection and chemistry between EJ and Sami that can not be denied and everyone can tell that Sami is fighting her feelings for EJ. However, the reason we've ranked EJami so high is because EJ has done one thing for Sami that Lucas has never done and probably never will. EJ accepts Sami for who she is, no matter what.

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Luke & Tracy: Who knew that Luke would ever find a woman beside Laura he could truly love? Certainly not Luke. But that is what has happened with Luke and Tracy Quartermaine and what started out as blackmail became true love in 2007. Tracy accepts Luke for who he is, long "vacations" and all but will still call him on his crap. Luke sees through Tracy's frosty exterior and loves her for her insecurities.

Jared and Natalie:
Two word is all it takes to describe this couple, fantastically refreshing.

Lucky & Sam: 2007 may have been the year of Liason but 2008 is almost certainly going to be the year of LuSam. They're popularity continues to sky rocket and the fact that they even those of us who aren't fans of the couple can admit they are hot together has to say something for them doesn't it? It would not surprise us if this couple moved much higher on next year's list.

Lizzie & Bill: These two are the newest couple on our list and they've only slept together once but its obvious that Guiding Light has struck gold with Lizzie and Bill. These two have single handedly made it worth watching Guiding Light again and that doesn't happen very often. Now if they would just keep Ava away from them everything would be right in the world.

Lucas & Sami: For years we've wanted these two to get together. For years we've wanted to Lucas to accept Sami for who she is. Well we got one of our two wishes and in many respects it was worth it. Unfortunately Lucas never seems to be able to accept Sami for who she is and unless that changes this couple doesn't have a prayer. Last year this time Lumi would have made it into our top 3 picks, the way things are going Lumi won't even be on next years list.

Colleen & Korbell: The Young & Restless struck gold with Adrienne Leon and Eyal Podell as Colleen and Korbell and then they had to go and #&@#$@#*& it up by firing Adrienne Leon because of her weight and recasting the character. So here is to the one true Cadrian. You'll never be the same and we miss you dearly.

Ashlee & Coop:
Why do we love Coop and Ashlee? Besides their cool squish name, we love that Ashlee is the confident one, that Ashlee insisted that Coop win her and has made the otherwise bland character of Coop into someone likable and dare we say fun?

Honorable Mentions: Our own Belinda (Daytime Confidential) & Jerry Jacks (General Hospital), David Vickers & John McBain (One Life to Live), Stephanie & Brooke (Bold & Beautiful), Marina & Cyrus (Guiding Light), Brad & Katie (As the World Turns)