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What Do You Think Of Chloe's Return To Salem?

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Ah Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. Why are you back in Salem? Where in the heck is Brady? And why in the hell are you meddling into Belle & Shawn's business then mixing things up with Philip? Hmm???? I'm waiting for an answer young lady! Well I'm not too convinced Chloe Lane is all that welcome back in Salem and I for one am not a happy camper. I never was a big fan of Chloe's. Perhaps I'm just not into Nadia Bjorlin's portrayal of this mischevious vixen. What ever it is I'm not happy to see the character back. Although I am happy to see that my boy Philip has someone else to conspire evil doings with but I think a new character may have been a better solution to spice up the Philip/Belle/Shawn storyline. My only hope is that the show decides to go all the way and bring back Brady Black. Yes I know that the last actor to play Brady, Kyle Lowder is now playing Rick Forrester on Bold & The Beautiful, but I think a recast could do wonders for this group. I just wonder what the writers have instore for Chloe? I guess the bigger question is...will I care?

So What Do You Think Of Chloe's Return To Salem?

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