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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.18.07

Here's the Scoop!

Two more women are attacked by the TMK.  I already told you one is Elizabeth.  The other is Lulu.  Both will survive.

The killer will be revealed in 2008! I'm hearing there is a connection between the killer and his victims.  Maxie is on a mission to find out who killed her sister and Spinelli will help her.  Cooper will be there for Maxie but her search will put a wrinkle in their relationship.  I told you Maxie may start to believe Georgie, that Coop is the killer. 

Ingo is going on vacation, again.  This man takes more vacations than anyone I know!  His absence from Port Chuck SHOULD be explained away.  Jax will be off working on the new hotel.  What about the Baby Drama? Not sure how he fits into the s/l.  Carly will have her hands full though.  Michael is RUMORED to be pretty much out of control.

Is Sonny going to leave the Mob?  For Kate?  I'm not buying it but there have been plenty of RUMORS that say its happening.  We'll see more and more that Jason and Sonny do not agree on how to handle the Zaccharas.  Sonny wants Johnny dead, Jason thinks its a bad idea.  They SHOULD continue to but heads over it. 

Recommended Articles

Does a Cassadine convince Luke Spencer to change his ways and save his life?  I'm hearing that Alexis tells Luke about her struggle with cancer and convinces him to do whatever it takes to stay alive.  I love Luke and Natasha scenes!

Lulu and her many men.... I swear, this girl has to have at least three guys pining for her at all times.  Johnny pulls her in for a kiss then pushes her away.  He wants her to be safe and being with him is a one way road to danger.  But in true Spencer form, Lulu is attracted to the danger and Logan just isn't that dangerous anymore, or is he?  I told you his past in Iraq is finally coming out and Lulu is said to be shocked when she learns the truth.  Lulu is RUMORED to get trapped with one of her guys BUT there is also a RUMOR that Lulu and Johnny get horizontal.  Do these two RUMORS go together?  When its all said and done, I am hearing that Lulu and Johnny are together leaving Logan for Maxie.  Hmmmmm....does that mean Cooper is the killer?

Skye is heading out of town.  Lorenzo's mob ties have her running scared but what happens to that waterfront property that has Trevor threatening her?  Is it possible she gives it to Ric before she gets out of Dodge? 

Nikolas does have a brain tumor.  How it was missed on the countless tests that were run at GH, I don't know.  Now he'll have to decide, lose his life or the woman he loves.  Treating his condition will make Emily disappear. 

Lots of stories for 2008!  Makes a fan wonder how they plan on squeezing it all in?  I'm still hearing that Monica gets a pretty big storyline, one that seems to focus on an addiction.  Sarah Brown's return should be HUGE.  There is the Scrubs Baby and CarJax's attempts at having a child.  Don't forget a custody battle between Elizabeth and Lucky.  Nikolas' condition and the reveal of the killer.  And as always, the never ending Mob Drama.  Will we get the more balanced GH we've been hoping for?  Its a long list of stories to be told but it seems like a decent balance and it could work if they balance it on our screens as well.