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Victoria Rowell Pulls No Punches

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Nelsom Branco has an excellent interview with former Young & Restless star Victoria Rowell over at TV Guide Canada that every Y&R or Rowell fan will want to read. In it they discuss her leaving the #1 rated soap, discrimination against minorities in daytime and the Emmy nomination process. We've included a couple excerpts from the interview but you'll want to check out the whole thing.

TVG: Have you watched Y&R since you left? I loved the show so much when Bill Bell and Jack Smith wrote it, but now it’s simply unwatchable. You got out before the going got tough, my friend! Are you watching the show; would you go back; and have they even asked you back?

VR: Let’s put it this way: I was told by a friend on-set that I’d have to be voted back in! How’s that for an exclusive? I found it ghastly, to be honest. By the way, I loved Jack Smith’s writing! Smith’s show was clearly an extension of Bell’s show and legacy.

TVG: So the big question: would you consider coming back to the show in the future?

VR: Clearly, I needed to take a break because the show wasn’t making sense. But I must say, for the first time in my career, I’ve been on the road with Y&R fans all over North America and I can’t tell you how wonderful and educational it’s been to interface with the viewers, who have watched me for twenty years in prime time, daytime and film. To look people in the eyes and hear what they really think [and not through focus groups]. I never said never about daytime. It’s a medium that has been loyal to me. I’m coming to the end of the book tour and as I said, a little birdie told me that I had to be voted back on the show, which I will say is stunning.

My thoughts: How ironic that just today I was looking at Youtube clips of Victoria Rowell remembering how great she was and then this interview comes out. All I can say is that there were a lot of rumors surrounding her departure both pro and con but no matter what Dru is one of my favorite Young & Restless characters and Victoria Rowell one the actresses who hooked me into watching the show. I think it is extremely sad that her return to Young & Restless would be dependent on a popular vote. I don't know if that means the executives or the actors or both but it is just plain sad. Seriously, why can't these soaps stop cutting themselves off the knees by doing this kind of stuff to fan favorites? So much for my hopes of her returning to the show. Be sure to read the whole interview. it's worth it.

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