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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.19.07

Here's the Scoop!

Will they or won't they?  That is every Scrubs fan's question.  Will Robin and Patrick reunite?  Well they will but if you're looking for a big, huge reunion for the couple, don't hold your breath.  They'll have a date and she spends the night.  From what I'm hearing there are no grand gestures, they just start spending time together again.  Remember, they're big story will be the baby.

What about Leyla?  Is she out of their orbit for good?  Nope.  On the romantic side, yes, Peyla is over! But Leyla does work with them and she will be around possibly causing problems.  RUMOR has her involved with Nikolas' medical case.  Is there a Nikolas/Leyla pairing in the works?  Maybe. 

More on Sarah Brown's return....seems like I use that line everyday.  It's a big return in the Daytime TV world so of course there will be plenty of gossip.  Again, I am seeing she plays heavily into the mob storyline.  IF she stays for longer than the short-term, there is some talk of pairing her with Ric.  How great will Sarah Brown and Rick Hearst be together!?

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I told you that both Elizabeth and Lulu become victims of the strangler.  They'll both survive and Lulu has Johnny to thank for her life.  Not sure who will come to Elizabeth's rescue.