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Kill A Corinthos Next!

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I ask your forgiveness in advance, I'm going to go on a rant.

I am sick and tired of the wholesale slaughter and destruction of the Quartermaine family or anyone connected to them and its really pissing me off!

In the past three years nine Quartermaines have been written off or killed. Ned, Lois, Brook Lynn and Dillon have all been written off. Justice was shot and stuffed in a trunk and didn't even get  the dignity of an on screen funeral. AJ was snuffed out with a pillow. Alan died from a heart attack and was only brought back as a ghost thanks to fan outrage. Now Emily and Georgie have been strangled! Enough is enough! How many Corinthos family members have died during this same time? The answer is one. Courtney.

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We the fans are not going to sit by and watch our favorites be served up on a silver platter like Valentine's chocolates, Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham. Fair is fair and I challenge you to kill off as many Corinthos as you have Quartermaines before you scratch a single hair on another Quartermaine head.

You see, the way I figure it if the writers take the challenge they'll never kill or write off another Quartermaine ever again for the simple fact we all know they aren't going to kill off their beloved Corinthos family members. Save the Quartermaines!