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More GH Scoops 12.19.07

Elizabeth is attacked in January shortly after her house catches on fire! Yep on fire! She'll have to get the boys out of the house. Jason will be there but it looks like its Elizabeth rescuing Baby Jake this time. Did Cameron start the fire? Little Cam is playing with matches.  Jake is brought to GH to be checked out for smoke inhalation.

I told you we'd see ZaCrazy in '08! Trevor and Jason both drop in on Anthony. 

Lucky and Sam break up! Sam will realize that she screwed up but can she get Lucky to trust her again. He'll be hesitant at first but he eventually gives in. 

A bomb at GH! A guy comes into GH with a bomb. Most of the hospital cast should be involved. I am seeing it lasts over two episodes. Apparently this guy has a bone to pick with General Hospital. 

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Nikolas and Emily's Great Love Story.... may be cut! The response to it has not been that great and changes are RUMORED to be in the making. There's a good possibility that it ends faster than originally planned. 

So Sad... Georgie had already bought Felicia a Christmas present.  Maxie will give it to her.  

Remember the name Primo.  It should play into the Mob Stuff to come.