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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.20.07

Here's the Scoop.... and some programming notes!

GH is new on the 24th!  Christmas Day is NBA.... GO CAVS!  Back to our regular programming on the 26th. 

Scoops & Spoilers will be up however, I am getting a little down time over the holidays.  I'll get online as much as I can and post what I have, but they may not be up at the normal times.

Now onto the important stuff..... the SPOILERS!

Jason and Elizabeth decided to start a secret love affair and Jason will be setting up a safe house for them to meet at.  Max is RUMORED to help his boss get the house ready. 

I told you Elizabeth's house catches on fire and little Cameron starts the fire playing with matches.  RUMORS say that Elizabeth and the boys come home and she'll take Jake upstairs to put him down.  She'll come back downstairs and find her living room in flames.  So how does Jason wind up at the house?  RUMORS go on to say that she's on the phone with Jason planning their next meeting.  He'll rush over as Elizabeth has already gotten Cameron out of the house and is in the process of getting Jake out.  Could this be what has Lucky getting temporary custody of the boys?

Patrick changes his mind about being a father!  As Robin and Patrick start to reconcile, there is a common theme.  Too much loss has the pair realizing that being together is what's most important.  Robin still wants to be a mother and don't worry fans, she's getting her baby.  The bomber storyline is just another push for Patrick.  Leyla may be causing problems for Dr. Drake.  She is RUMORED to charge him with sexual harrassment.  The RUMORS go on to say that Robin slaps Leyla.  At first it looks like the staff may not be behind Dr. Drake but the RUMORS have them supporting him in the end.

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Luke comes through his second surgery.  Alan is there with Tracey while she waits for the surgery to be over.  I am hearing that Luke does in fact have another trip, this time may be through heaven not hell.  Bobbie gets the job of telling her brother just how much his life needs to change.  Tracey will have her hands full as it looks like Luke will be involved in the mob action. 

I told you to remember Primo.  Johnny is RUMORED to have a meeting with the mysterious character.  Trevor is supposed to help him prepare.

Johnny and Lulu can't seem to stay apart!  Something happens that has Lulu making her way back to Logan but she's still drawn to Johnny.  The triangle quickly becomes a square as Maxie is added to the equation.

Maxie and Spinelli are on the hunt for Georgie's killer and much like Sam, Maxie thinks she could use herself to solve the crime.  As they're investigating goes on, Maxie is more convinced that Georgie and Spinelli were right in suspecting Coop. 

Speaking of Sam using herself as bait..... I am hearing that she does but the RUMORS go on to say they get the wrong guy.  This should be when Lucky arrests the busser from Kelly's. 

RUMORS have Elizabeth and Lulu being attacked by the TMK.  I told you Johnny comes to Lulu's rescue but I wasn't sure who rescues Elizabeth.  Obviously everyone's first thought is that Jason rides into the rescue as always and I am hearing that's pretty much what happens.  Jason's arrival has the killer running off leaving an unconscious, but alive Elizabeth behind.

Here's where the SPOILERS get a little crazy.   I've told you before there are some THEORIES out there that there are two killers.  One RUMOR is that Max is one of the killers with Cooper being the other one.