So who's right??

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Ok... So basically everyone in Pine Valley has stolen a child at one time or another. Erica stole Maddie, Binks stole Mirabess, Babe stole Lil' A, Dixie "borrowed" Emma... Everyone has done it but in recent memory only Adam has tried to sell a child after leaving it in the care of Janet From Another Planet. So taking that into consideration is Tad wrong for wanting sole custody of his daughter to keep her away from Adam? Is Krystal entitled her righteous indignation over this custody battle to be?? There are other questions to be asked such as "Why is Krystal forgiving the man who tried to sell her baby?" and "Why are they taking David's word that the baby is Tad's??" But for now my big question is "Who is right? Tad or Krystal?"