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Are You Freaking Kidding Me?????

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Seriously people!!! That had to be the MOST inappropriate and awkward sex scene ever in the history of soaps! It was just... It was... I am speechless at how horrible it was!!!  On some level I get the concept of comfort sex. When Liz slept with Jason after Em's funeral on GH I got that. Sex was the connection they had with one another that allowed them a moment of peace. Is it a little strange? Yeah, but I can understand it. I get it. What I don't get is Kendall snotting and crying all over the place about how she has lost her beloved Zach and Aidan being turned on by it. Hello?? Aidan?? Really? Wasn't he just saying that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Greenlee? And this is how he shows it??? If you ask me (and you know you want to) this scene exemplifies what is soooo wrong with AMC. Instead of having these characters do what is expected they just throw some stuff at the wall to see what sticks. Do they really expect me to believe that in the span of 30 seconds Aidan went from hating Kendall with every fiber of his being to wanting her naked and screaming his name? I think NOT!

But you know what I did like? Greenlee and Zach laying down all the hurt and anger and sadness. They just put it all down and bonded in their mutual fear that they would never again see the people they loved most.  I just found the last few scenes with them in the well to be incredibly raw and endearing. Zach understands Greenlee wasn't acting in malice when she took Spike and now she understands why Zach caused the blackout. I also thought it was so sad when Zach held Greenlee as she fell asleep. It was just raw. Maybe that is what AMC was going for with Kendall and Aidan's inappropriate sex. If so they totally missed the mark.

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