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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.21.07

Here's the Scoop!

Nikolas' brain tumor is a hereditary condition! Remember those old RUMORS that Sam will start to have similar symptoms to Nikolas? Sam is said to tell Lucky about Nikolas' condition being genetic.

Diane tells Jason he should stay away from Elizabeth! Of course this has to do with the custody fight and Diane thinks Jason keeping his distance will help Elizabeth. RUMORS say he doesn't stay away for long as the paternity is revealed to all. Jason and Liz will be together on New Year's Eve but they get interrupted, supposedly by the Jackal.

Sonny gets arrested! He goes after a guy who has some un-nice things to say about Kate.

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RUMORS are saying the next person to be killed off will be male. Trevor has been RUMORED to die during February Sweeps. Steven M. is said to be only contracted with the show until March.

That's all for now....hopefully I'll be back with more later.