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Perkie's Year in Review-JANUARY

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The year 2007 started as any year on GH starts….with a bang. But along with that gunshot came some interesting dialogue. Here’s what we were listening to in January…..

Lorenzo: I’m gonna git you.

Sonny: Not if I git you first. (gunshot)

Carly: Oh no, you shot Lorenzo in the head and he will need brain surgery and then will lapse into a coma for a bit.

Sonny: Quick Carly, marry me so that you can’t testify against me.

Diane: Uh, it was self defence, she doesn’t need to marry you.

Sonny: Shhhhhhh

Carly: But Sonny, I’m in love with Jax and I promised I’d wait…, he’s been gone longer than 5 minutes and my attention span is only good for 4. Sure, I’ll marry you. But Jason, I don’t want to marry him.

Jason: Eh, I’m busy giving Liz longing glances whenever she drops by my place unannounced.

Lucky: Those drugs look yummy. No Lucky, drugs are bad. That Maxie’s still hot, even though she lied about being pregnant. Eh, who doesn’t lie about being pregnant in this town? Hey Liz, do you want to remarry me?

Liz: Jason, Jason, Jason, baby, baby, baby, Jason’s baby. Eh? Uh Lucky, let me think about that proposal while I visit with Jason and stare longingly at him while secretly pregnant with his child. Sam’s been giving me dirty looks lately, what’s up with that?

Sam: Jason, Jason, Jason, baby, baby, baby, Jason’s baby. Eh? Oh Dr Lee, I want Jason’s baby and I want it right this second.

Dr Lee: Well, sucks to be you then. Gunshots to the baby maker means no baby for you. Ooooh, I want to have sex with that guy…….

Dillon: I think Monica killed Rick Webber.

Lulu: Really? I think Alan killed Rick Webber.

Spinelli: This sad story was still going on in January 2007?

Lulu: Yes, now hit your computer key 876 times and see what it tells us.

Spinelli: It says Scott Baldwin is the killer and I have all the evidence.

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Lulu: Ok, bury all the evidence.

Dillon: Ok, now go on a date with me, before your date with Milo, but after your date with Spinelli.

Lulu: Ok, but I have no feelings or chemistry with any of you.

Ric: Hhhmm, I wonder what Alexis is up to these day. Let me check her diary. Chemotherapy. Radiation. Doctor’s appointments. Wait, what’s this? Pot smoking? Rodriguez, arrest my baby mama for pain management.

Alexis: How dare you have me arrested in my home in front of Kristina.

Ric: Eh, she’s not my kid. Speaking of my kid, Judge I want my kid.

Judge Misogyny: Hhm, a hard working mother, who’s crime is cancer. Or a brother obsessed man who’s crime is panic rooms. Ric it is.

Emily: Helena has kidnapped Spencer. Let’s go after her.

Nik: Here he is, safe and sound. Let me kiss him good bye since we won’t be seeing Spencer again this year.

Emily: This story was boring, lets hope we have more exciting things to do later in the year. Heck, i'd die for something better...

Robin: Your big empty apartment needs a couch.

Patrick: Ok.

Robin: I bought it and had it delivered.

Patrick: Ok.

Pervy Pete: Dude?

Patrick: Robin, I do not want that couch. Pete says it’s a stupid couch. Get rid of the stupid couch. Evil couch, evil couch, evil couch.

Skye: Oh Lorenzo, you’re finally awake from your coma. Who is that evil Mr Craig with the briefcase?

Lorenzo; Jerry Jacks. Uh wait, I have amnesia, who are you?

And that’s the end of January 2007. Stay tuned for what was happening in February.