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Top 10 Rivalries of 2007

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Top 10 Rivalries

1. Liz vs. Sam (General Hospital)

2. Rosie vs. Elizabeth (The View)

3. Jack vs. Genoa City (Young & Restless)

4. Lumi vs. EJami (Days of Our Lives)

5. Dorian & Lindsay vs. Viki & Nora (One Life to Live)

6. Carly vs. Katie (As the World Turns)

7. Todd Manning vs. the McBain Family (One Life to Live)

8. Josh vs. His Brain, or Lack Thereof (Guiding Light)

9. Donna vs. Stephanie (Bold & Beautiful)

10. Guza vs. the Quartermaines and Their Fans (General Hospital)

Liz vs. Sam: Without question Liz vs. Sam is the biggest rivalry in daytime. Whether it is just Liz vs. Sam or Liason vs. LuSam or their other not so nice couple names, no one topic generates more back and forth online or amongst Daytime Confidential listeners in the TV Fan Online Forums than the great Liz vs. Sam debate.

Rosie vs. Elizabeth:
After months of simmering tension behind the scenes and onscreen an all out war erupted between Rosie and Elizabeth on The View. It was quite literally some of the most fascinating TV to air all year. Egos were bruised, Rosie quit the show before her contract was up and conservatives championed Elizabeth as the Rosie slayer. Even after leaving the show Rosie continued to bash Elizabeth with much the same ferocity that she had went after Donald Trump earlier in the year.

Jack vs. Genoa City:
Long time fans of the Young and Restless have been fuming over the hatched job done to the character of Jack Abbot by LML in 2007. Thanks to her Jack Abbot was in every imaginable rivalry. Pit against Catherine, Nikki, Jill, Gloria, Neil, Michael, Victor, Sharon, and his conscious Jack Abbot seemed to be fighting a new battle at every turn. And though some of the storylines were fascinating to watch, Jack Abbot fans watched in horror as one after another he lost each battle he had fought so valiantly. After such a bruising year for Jack Abbot maybe 2008 will the be the year of Victor Newman's downfall.

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EJami vs. Lumi: After all these years who would have though that Lucas would actually have a viable rival for Sami's affection? Unlike Austin and countless other men, who we all knew were just mere speed bumps on the road towards Lumi, the character of EJ and the EJami pairing continues to eat away at the Lumi fan base, polarizing Sami fans and generating tons of conversations on Days of Our Lives forums everywhere.

Dorian & Lindsay vs. Viki & Nora: For years we've seen Dorian do battle with Viki and Lindsay do battle with Nora but it was 2007 that we saw most evidence to date that a Dorian & Lindsay vs. Viki and Nora battle is brewing. Anyone who watched the charity casino night where Viki lost 20 million to Dorian for charity saw the foreshadowing as Lindsey hovered over Dorian's should and Nora hovered over Viki's. Thanks to four amazing actresses and great writing we can't wait to see more of this rivalry.

Carly vs. Katie: This was the year of Carly vs. Katie on As the World Turns. They fought over pretty much anything and everything imaginable. Portrayed by talented actresses, the characters of Carly and Katie are a bit worse for the wear as 2007 winds to a close but with the dawning of 2008 comes the hope that their rivalry will continue to grow, though hopefully with a bit more character development.

Todd Manning vs. the McBain Family:
Some of One Life to Live's best moments of 2007 came from the rivalry being developed between Todd Manning and the McBain family. From the moments of pure heartbreak when Marcie testified in court with Todd looking on without sympathy, to the anger of Michael towards Todd for what he was doing to he and his wife or the uneasy partnership between John and Todd as they searched for Marcie the rivalry between Todd Manning and the McBain family is and was something we are tuning for.

Josh vs. His Brain, or lack thereof: Why is it that such an ugly rivalry has developed between Josh and his own brain? Watching him battle himself is one of the most painful things in all of daytime. Unfortunately, it appears to be a battle he is losing, as his brain becomes a bigger and bigger black of nothingness each day he remains with Cassie. Little else can explain the decisions Josh has made over the past year. Here's to what little remains of this once great character.

Donna vs. Stephanie: Step aside Jackie, get out of the way Brooke, there's a new rivalry on the Bold and the Beautiful and it's a good one. Who could have guessed that the rivalry between Donna and Stephanie could be so entertaining? This rivalry is a new twist on the Logan vs. Forrester age-old battle and it's almost a guilty pleasure.

Guza vs. the Quartermaines and Their Fans: No battle on our list, save Viki vs. Dorian, has been fought for as long or as hard as Guza vs. the Quartermaine family and the fans who support them. The actors who portray(ed) Lila (until she died), Edward, and Alan were all fired at least once before fan outrage and campaigns brought them back in some form. The actors who portray(ed) Ned, Lois, Brook Lynn, AJ, and Justice saw their characters written off or killed. In 2007 alone Guza has killed off three Quartermaines; Alan, Emily, and Georgie and though fans were able to save Alan there seems little hope that Emily or Georgie will receive such a reprieve. In this ongoing battle 2008 is shaping up to be a pivotal year.