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DC #183: Best and Worst of 2007

It's here folks! The 2nd Annual Daytime Confidential Best & Worst of 2007.


This is the show where Lisa and Luke make their picks of the Best & Worst in daytime from categories such as; Guy whose chestnuts we want roasted over an open fire, Glittery Hoo Hoo of the Year, Biggest ho ho ho, Most Improved, Biggest Waste of Talent (male), Biggest Waste of Talent (female), Dreams Really Do Come True, Be Careful What You Wish For, You Go Girl, Best Stunt-Casting, Worst Stunt-Casting, Best Couple, Worst Couple, Best Triangle or Quad, Worst Triangle or Quad, Best Storyline, Worst Storyline, Best Britney Impression (worst parent), Most in Need for a Roll in the Hay, MP of the Year, Hall of Shame and many more great categories.

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