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What happened to Brady? Days Spoilers 12/24

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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe start to 2008. Now, onto the Days Spoilers for this festive week…

Lucas and Sami
Lucas tells Sami that he’s leaving to spend Christmas with Will, much to Sami’s disappointment. Now that she’s ‘left’ EJ, she was hoping for them to spend their first Christmas together with Allie and Johnny. Lucas has other plans. He says goodbye to Allie and leaves a goodbye note for Sami, which she reads after he leaves. She’s going to receive the news from the ballistics report on his gun though, prompting her to try and find him before the Salem PD. Lucas, however, has plans to escape across the border with Kate.

The poor guy realises the game is up with Sami after she pushed him out of his chair and left him lying on the floor last week. He turns to his big brother Tony (Thaao! Yay!) for some advice, lets hope he takes it. Stefano’s going to get involved though with a plan to help EJ get Sami back… oh lordy, can this end well? I think EJ takes Tony’s advice and warns Stefano to stay away from Gianni, unfortunately while he’s at DiMansion he gets clubbed by Stefano’s lab rat, later discovered by Stefano and Rolf to have escaped.

Watch out for Max in the big red suit, he’s playing Santa for the children at University Hospital this year. Stephanie’s finally going to confess to Kayla about the rape, but she’ll not be able to share this with Max yet. Chelsea continues to be haunted by Ford’s accident and she turns to Nick (I *heart* these two… sigh). The rest of the Sorority are going to get their knickers in a knot when Ford’s Dad shows up at the Alpha Chi Theta House, prompting Max, Chelsea and Stephanie to realise it’s probably not best to leave a dead body at the scene of the crime – they’ll move Ford (ew gross). Probably just in time too, the house is going to get searched by the police.

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How did Brady make it into the title? Philip finds out Brady’s missing, that’s how, and that Chloe is wanted by the Viennese police for questioning. Marlena finds this out too and confronts Chloe why she never said anything before (fair enough too). Meanwhile, Roman discovers from the Viennese police that Brady’s disappearance has signs of foul play. Did everyone hear tptb tried to get Kyle back to Days but no luck? I wonder if we'll see a recast?

Shelle organise a surprise party for Bo and Hope for their wedding anniversary – should be interesting considering the family secrets that they’ve got going at the moment. It’s awkward at the party, especially between Belle and Hope; Belle ends up publicly embarrassing Philip hoping that’s enough to appease Hope that she and Philip are over.

Marlena (…and John??)
Is going to get a message from Crystal the psychic (played by Ashlee Holland, the IWBASS winner), that John is still alive. Is it too much to hope?? Should we be breaking out the champagne?? Ok, I heard a rumour that Drake was actually seen at the studio the other week shooting scenes…. And I’ve also read that a Days source has said John will be back on our screens in January… none of this is confirmed however…

This Week:
MIA: noone except John…
On Screen: everyone except John…

Next Week:
No show January 1st
Belle finally tells Shawn she slept with Philip
Lucas confesses to Sami
Marlena tries to get more information from Crystal