27 Dresses and 4 Soap Stars



I just got out of Katherine Heigl's new movie

27 Dresses

and though it is probably one of the best romantic comedies of 2007 I couldn't help but be happy for Brian Kerwin (Charlie,

One Life to Live

), Ronald Guttman (Alexander Cambias,

All My Children

), Jennifery Bassey (Marion Colby Chandler,

All My Children

) and Alexa Havins (f. Babe Chandler,

All My Children

) who all had roles in the movie. Kerwin was Heigl's on screen father, Guttman was a wedding cake baker, Havins was a bride and Bassey plays the mother of the groom. If you are in the mood for a great romantic comedy be sure to check it out.