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GH Scoop and Spoilers 12.27.07

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday......I know I did! I apologize for the lack of scoops, the holidays and work took over.

Here's the Scoop!

Nikolas returns from Zurich. Apparently, Emily was not with him and he's shocked to see her when he comes home. As I told you he has learned he has some sort of brain disorder/tumor that is genetic. Emily and Nikolas discuss how his getting treatment could mean he'll lose her.

Ever wonder what happened to Stan?
I told you a long time ago that Kiko Ellisworth had decided to leave the roll of Stan Johnson. There wasn't much room for him once Spinelli hit Port Chuck. The RUMORS that he would be killed off never happened and Stan just faded away. Well it looks like we'll learn of Stan's fate through his mom. RUMORS say he's been working for another mob family and has gotten himself into a bit of trouble. While talking with Elizabeth and Nadine, Epiphany gets a call from Stan and something happens while she is talking to her son. Elizabeth will ask Jason to find out what has happened. Epiphany will learn that Stan is dead. Does Jerry know something?

Elizabeth and Nadine are talking about Liz's failed New Year's Eve plans. Her time with Jason is either cut short or cancelled all together.

RUMORS have had Sonny leaving the mob for Kate. I am hearing that may not be far from the truth. He'll be spending some time with her in the Manhattan and he'll even get himself arrested for assault when someone insults Kate. The business will fall into Jason's lap and what Jason has been giving up will become even more so apparent to the hit man.

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With both Robin and Carly wanting babies in the new year, Kelly Lee will get some more airtime.

The bomber's name is Joe.
What has him wanting to blow up GH? Well it looks like his kid needed medical treatment and they were transferred to the county hospital because they had no insurance. It happens around the same time of Elizabeth's house fire as she is there with Jake getting him looked at for smoke inhalation. Jason is also I really need to tell you who saves the day?

JaSam scene! It looks like Sam will be asking Jason if her mother is protected enough. Jason is on the phone with Elizabeth when Sam comes into Sonny's office.

Jason will pay a visit to Emily's grave.

Carly and Robin are both waiting to see Dr. Lee. Insults fly!

RUMORS say Jerry is going after Trevor.
They also say a woman named Eve is working for Jerry.