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GH Scoops & Spoilers 12.28.07

Hey Everyone!  Again, sorry about the lack of Scoops but I've had some time off of work and I am being a lazy bum!

Here's the Scoop!

Jerry is illegally bringing in money to Port Chuck!  He uses Alexis to help him only he tells her its all legit.  This should be how Jerry ties into the current mob story.  He SHOULD be working for Moreau, who may or may not be Primo.  Remember I told you to remember the name Primo?  Well I am hearing that Primo may turn out to be Moreau.  Jerry is said to be working for them and he may be behind Lulu's kidnapping.  Jerry wants to hook up with the Zacchara's and use their shiiping routes to bring in drugs.

Yep Lulu gets kidnapped!  We all saw her being watched by the mob lady aka Eve.  She'll be grabbed and held in an old church.  Logan and Johnny will have to work together to find her.

Liz comes into GH with Jake shortly after the bomber has arrived.  Elizabeth passes out and Lucky is there.  Sam witnesses Lucky's concern for Elizabeth and gets pissed.  She'll tell Lucky to use the fire to get custody of the boys. Sam will continue to push Lucky to go for custody and is even prepared to tell him about Jason and Elizabeth's secret affair.

Carly finally finds out about Jake!  At some point Sam tells Carly.  It looks like she gets jealous when Lucky seems to be keeping tabs on his ex-wife. Other RUMORS say that Sam sees a baby bracelet that Carly has and assumes Jason has told Carly the truth. RUMOR has it that Carly follows Jason and learns of his secret affair with Elizabeth.  Carly calls Jason out for keeping secrets and he thinks she is mad because he has a relationship with Elizabeth.  Really, Carly could care less about his "affair", its not knowing about Jake that has her so upset.  Carly comes clean and tells Jason that she knows about Jake.  The RUMORS go on to say that Jason heads over to Elizabeth's to tell her that Carly knows the truth.  This is when he'll see that her house in on fire.

Jason is at the hospital looking for Elizabeth and Jake while the bomber is there. He does save the day but there is really nothing to save.  The bomb is a fake.  All Jason does is figure out that Joe is bluffing.  Joe's child will be near by and Jason will realize that no father would put their kid in danger. 

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Does Jason's heroics make people suspicious?  I told you that Jason talks Joe the Bomber down.  Does he speak to Joe father to father?  It sounds like it as its RUMORED that something Jason says has Edward and Jerry wondering what secrets Jason Morgan is keeping.

Michael the mini mobster!  He is said to threaten one ofhis teachers when he doesn't like her punishing him.

What about Ric? He should have some stuff coming up early January.  Skye will let Ric handle the sale of Lorenzo's property.  She'll even suggest that he buys it for himself and assert his power amongst his brother and father.  He is RUMORED to do just that.

WAIT!  What about Sarah Brown as the Zacchara daughter?  I am hearing this is still the case but the story is different than first reported.  Her history may be with Jerry and not Ric and she may be using Jerry to get into Port Chuck.  RUMORS go on to say that ZaCrazy is behind his daughter coming into town and she may be more ruthless than her father.  She'll be looking to use Jerry then dump him, get rid of Trevor, move Johnny out of the way and take down Corinthos/Morgan any way necessary. 

Will the two Carly's face off when Sarah Brown returns?  I am hearing yes!

Jason and Elizabeth have plans for New Year's Eve but they will not be together.  He has to leave town for business but there are RUMORS that some things are left at the safe house for her that honors their history.

Remember I mentioned a RUMOR that Leyla accuses Patrick of sexual harrassment?  Well it looks like it'll tie into Nikolas' case.  Patrick has Nadine assigned to help him eith Nikolas.  He'll need to be sedated.  The RUMORS say that Leyla claims that Dr. Drake had promised all the good cases to her if she had sex with him.  Robin will confront her.