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Young and Restless Screen Test Winner MIA

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Remember the Michael Graziadei

Atlanta fan screen test

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we told you about a while back? Well now comes word that Y&R found their winner, a one TaNeisha Bennet. However, when trying to contact her the local Atlanta media

can't seem to find her

.  Apparently

"efforts to reach the actress via her agent Deborah Owensby at Houghton Talent in Atlanta inexplicably proved fruitless. A search for Bennett’s bio and credits on the firm’s Web site, meanwhile, led us only to a broken link."

However, Young and Restless casting director Karen Rea did respond to the Atlanta media's request for comment by responding “First of all, she is adorable to look at and has a wonderful smile,” Rea told Buzz in an e-mail. “She is very natural and easy to watch. TaNeisha was playful and yet professional while auditioning with [“Y&R” actor] Michael Graziadei. And she has a giggle that brings a smile to your face.”

So when can we expect to see the MIA TaNeisha Bennet our screens? Word has it in early 2008.