Cameron Mathison in US Magazine


Us Magazine did a profile on All My Children's  Cameron Mathison's family and talked with his wife about their children.


His wife of five years, Vanessa, tells Us,

We're thrilled to have two beautiful, healthy kids -- they've become everything to us. Cameron is a better father than I ever could have imagined.

He loves to play these funny characters and make-believe with them. They'll turn the living room into the universe and take a spaceship from planet to planet.

Our son, Lucas, is starting to come out of his shell, and his inner goofball is starting to show, like his dad. Leila is beginning to knowingly refuse to do what we ask -- you can see her testing us!

Cameron and I are both pretty busy, so how we split up parenting duties changes all the time. Generally, I'm more involved in planning and organization of classes and playdates, but Cameron is a very involved, hands-on dad!



Us Weekly

, January 7th issue, p. 64