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Online Rumor Rumblings: Julie Pinson Out?

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With such a bloated cast on Days Of Our Lives, it comes as no shock that new online rumors are claiming that Julie Pinson is out as Billie Reed on the long running NBC sudser. Pinson took over role made famous by Dancing With The Stars and SoapTalk alum Lisa Rinna back in 2004.

Billie's life on the show had been unstable to say the least with one illbegotten romance followed by another including being paired up with Bo, Patrick, Steve (and let's not forget Nic) that didn't seem to really create much fan suport. But things weren't all bad for Billie with the discovery of long-lost daughter Georgia a.k.a Chelsea Benson alive and well in Salem. Billie was a good girl with a haunting past that never really gained a lot of attention by the writers mainly due to overshaddowing of stories involving Bo & Hope, Steve & Kayla, or Chelsea & Nic. Always the sideburner character that seems to have lost out once again to a lack of imagination by the writers on this once promising character.

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