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Petition to Restore Adrianne Leon

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I got an email in my inbox the other day from the The Committee to Restore Adrianne Leon which reminded me that All My Children's Sabine/Budig fiasco isn't the only recasting controversy we had in 2007.  The email is as follows.

To Whom It May Concern:

The firing of the beautiful and talented Adrianne Leon, has outraged many

thousands of fans. That outrage continues unabated.

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To rectify Ms. Leon's unjustified termination, we have created "The

Committee to Restore Adrianne Leon." Our mission is to voice our

displeasure with the unprofessional and unnecessary firing of Ms. Leon and

take action to restore her to the role of Colleen Carlton. We are dedicated

to this cause. And we are committed to making our collective voices heard.

We will not let this issue die until Sony, CBS, and Executive Producer and

Head Writer, Lynn Marie Latham rectify their colossal and egregious


We, her fans, value Adrianne Leon's contributions to The Young and the

Restless by virtue of her multi-dimensional and stellar performance as

Colleen Carlton. Leon captivated her fans with her presence, energy, and

the varied qualities she brought to the role during her 18-month tenure on

Y&R. We are quite certain that you have noticed how unsatisfied fans are by

the firing of Adrianne Leon and the rehirinig of Tammin Sursok by your past

comments in your articles.

This declaration letter of support and the attached Petition to Bring Back

Adrianne Leon
is our way of sharing with you how much we, the fans,

appreciated Ms. Leon's talents and grace. The Petition currently has close

to 6,500 signatures. And we are getting more every day.

Thank you for your time.


The Committee to Restore Adrianne Leon