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Richie With Possibilities

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I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way for the writers to make Richie a member of a core family so I wouldn't have to always like his scenes until I remember he's Annie's brother.

Could he be a long lost Chandler bastard to fill the place in the Chandler mansion if Jacob Young does leave?

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Could he be a long lost Cortland, a son of Palmer to take on JR as in the next generation of Chandler vs. Cortland?

I don't really want him to be a sanctimonious Martin but being a Martin would be better than being Annie's brother, wouldn't it?

If he can't be paired with Amanda (which would be AWESOME if they did) how about him and Amanda be twins separated at birth? I could get behind either of those two storylines.

What about a core family by marriage? Billy Miller is the best find since Josh Duhamel and Jeff Branson (boy have they wasted JB) and since I'm not sure I see much of a future in a Greenlee/Aiden pairing after Budig returns what about a Greenlee/Richie pairing? That might have possibilities, wouldn't it?

So this is my question for the new year. How do you want Richie integrated into the show?