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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

December 31 - January 6, 2008

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ARIES: Your goal for the new year is "authenticity". As you prepare your resolutions list, keep the focus on refining and redefining your wonderful self! Emulate Aries Alec Guiness, practicing a more calm and centered demeanor, no matter what's going on around you. You meant to get things organized last week, but fate intervened, so use the last of the holiday season and first few days of the new year to box up that clutter, bag up those clothes and purge those outdated computer files.

TAURUS: "Commitment" is your motto this year, as you go about recreating yourself from the ground up. New activities, friends and goals mark the new landscape for 2008. New Year's Eve is a great time to let go of the past, so do some journaling about 2007, then burn it with a white candle, as a "once-and-for-all" cleansing. Fellow Taurus Candice Bergen is a great example of the amazing power you have to evaluate what's not working, visualize what will work, and then make it a reality!

GEMINI: It's time to clear a path for new beginnings, but that means eliminating relationships, dreams, work or bad habits that have held you back for over a year or longer. Your priorities shift drastically when you take on a cause dear to your heart; like Gemini Michael J. Fox, it's not so much what the focus is; the important thing is that you'll give it your all! So make your goal this year "empowerment." All the pieces are in place to bring all your dreams into reality - you just have to plug into the Universe!

CANCER: Cool, calm and collected, you move into a new year with optimism and grace. Your goal for 2008 is to become more objective and just a little less emotional, so you'll be able to make more authentic choices rather than reacting. Like Cancer Kevin Bacon, you don't let life define you, and you won't be "typecast", no matter what! Your only new years resolution revolves around health, and this is the year you can bring your physical being back into balance.

LEO: Your main objective this year is "integrity", so keep that in mind as you create your new year resolutions list. Emulate Leo newscaster Peter Jennings and commit to double-checking the facts to make sure all is in order. You've solved the rest of the worlds problems this last year, and walked many a friend or family member through difficult times. Now it's time for you! Make 2008 the year you break free of restrictions and let your inner light shine, focusing on personal goals and growth!

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VIRGO: The down-to-earth and practical wisdom of Virgo Merlin Olsen always tends to show up in the roles he plays on TV, ("Little House on The Prairie", "Highway to Heaven"). Wisdom is your strong suit too, and sharing more of it with the world is a theme for you in 2008. Teach or take a class, adopt a humanitarian cause, or start writing that book you've been meaning to for the last few years! An extensive resolution list will set you up to fail; instead, make one small change a week, then add more as the year unfolds.

Exclusive Offer for Daytime Confidential Readers! Find out what 2008 holds in store!

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LIBRA: You've weathered a lot of frustration over the last year; endless blocks and false starts. That's all about to change now, so keep that same optimistic view Libra Tom Bosley maintained as "Mr. C" on "Happy Days"! You're ready to break free, anticipating a new job, relationship or location, as all the dreams you've been trying to manifest now start to present themselves like magic! This week you've got one foot in 2007 and one in 2008, as you try to clear out the clutter of last year in the midst of diving into the future! Good thing you have that balancing act down pat!

SCORPIO: When Scorpio Larry King interviews a guest, they have his total attention. So whatever you do this year, give it your all by maintaining focus, drive and discipline. You'll need some financial help to get an idea "off the ground", and it's there for the taking when you stop "asking" and start "expecting". You won't have time to get to the year-end tasks you'd planned on this week, thanks to an exciting new idea you're already working on. No problem; toss them in a box, where they'll be easier to find in April!

SAGITTARIUS: You've been walking the straight and narrow for some time now, with little results, so make 2008 the year you "live" outside the box! Take a few risks, let your hair down, and say whatever's on you mind, emulating the quirky movements of fellow Sagittarius, Ben Stiller. Make spontaneity your theme this year. You're the first one at the "white sales" this week, and the last to leave, as you collect wonderful things to give your home a "face lift" for the new year ahead!

CAPRICORN: Like Capricorn Mary Tyler Moore, you spend more time making sure everyone else is happy this week, with little regard to the work that's piling up at the office. You'll make up for lost time next week, but for now, loved ones need your full and undivided attention. You've already implemented most of your new year resolutions, which makes for an easy transition into 2008. Your focus this year is on friendships, and you tend to draw new compadres to you wherever you go!

AQUARIUS: A stronger and more confident you emerges this year, and like Aquarius Stockard Channing ("West Wing") you just seem to get better and better with time. You're caught between a mix of emotions and practicality this week, so avoid making any decisions or resolutions that are simply impossible to enact right now. Your theme for the year is "advancement", and you'll finally see all the aspects of life you've been assembling become a solid structure you can build your incredible dreams on.

PISCES: Pisces Dakota Fanning has a reputation for being wise beyond her years, as well as a chameleon in the roles she plays. You'll take on many new colors and challenges this year as well, so rest up this week as we transition from 2007 to 2008. You're not one for making resolutions of any kind, but to get the most out of all the opportunities that come your way, being in optimum health would be a good idea. So find a way to work more exercise and less chocolate into the new year!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Tim Matheson ("West Wing"/"Animal House"), Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery "AMC"), Cuba Gooding Jr. ("Jerry McGuire"), Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper - "The Wonder Years", Jesse White (The Maytag Repairman), George Reeves (Original TV "Superman" ), and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).

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