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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.03.08

Here's the Scoop!

Sam tells Carly about Jake....Monday or Tuesday!  She's mad and jealous and sees Carly with some baby stuff.  Sam assumes its for Jake and starts in on a confused Carly.  Let's back track a bit.....

What has Sam mad and jealous?  Well remember, Elizabeth's house catches on fire and she brings Jake to GH.  Lucky wears his concern on his sleeve and Sam doesn't like it.  Elizabeth is RUMORED to pass out.  Remember too, the bomber is there and his presence increases Lucky's concern for Jake and his mommy.  Sam will also witness Jason's love for Elizabeth and realize the pair is not holding up their end of the bargain to stay apart.  Somehow Sam finds out about the safehouse.  She won't come right out and tell Lucky but she lays little hints to get him to find the safehouse on his own. 

Now back to Carly as I am sure everyone is anticipating those fireworks.  She'll of course go off on Elizabeth and the two will get into it.  Carly also has some words for Jason.  She's hurt and embarrassed.  Jason is supposed to be her best friend but has chosen to not tell her about something this big.  Meanwhile, other people know and here's Carly telling everyone who will listen that Jason tells her everything.

How will this all affect Jason's friendships?  Not well.  RUMORS have Jason realizing that he has given up way too much for Sonny and Company.  When Sonny constantly gets in the way of Jason spending time with Elizabeth, even in secret, Jason will start to question why he's the only one giving something up. 

There have been some STRONG RUMORS regarding Jason and Sonny trying to leave the mob. Trying to leave.  I am hearing that both will attempt to leave with Sonny trying to take the coffee business completely legit.  Don't get too excited mob haters, it ain't going anywhere anytime soon.  They'll first have to deal with their enemies trying to take advantage of their vulnerability.  Also, Sonny and Jason know far too much to just be allowed to walk away. 

Don't forget about Sarah Brown's return.  She will be Zacchara's daughter and she is RUMORED to be who Jerry is working with.  Like I said above, mob haters, don't get too excited just yet.  ZaCrazy's daughter wants Trevor dead, her brother out of harms way and the Corinthos-Morgan territory.  She's into the drug side of organized crime and we all know how Sonny and Jason feel about drugs.

Back to Elizabeth....she's still RUMORED to be attacked by the killer.  I am hearing its happening at the Safehouse.  Guess its not so safe.  Remember, Max knows about Jason having the safehouse set up.  Is Max one of the killers?  I am still hearing that there are two killers.  One is the TMK and the other has different motives. 

I'm sure there is a little confusion with the timeline of events.  Let me try to clarify it a bit.  Elizabeth's house catches on fire thanks to Cam and his matches.  Elizabeth takes Jake to the hospital.  Jason arrives at Elizabeth's and learns (possibly from a neighbor) that Liz has taken Jake to GH.  When Jason arrives at the hospital Joe the Bomber is there and Jason is desperate to get to Elizabeth and Jake.  Jason difuses the bomber situation and gets to Liz.  Sometime after all that, Elizabeth is at the Safehouse and is attacked.  Jason's arrival scares off the killer and Liz is ok.

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Why is Jason at Elizabeth's when they're supposed to be staying apart?  Well Lulu's been kidnapped and Jason is RUMORED to go to ZaCrazy for answers.  Something Anthony says to Jason has him worried and heading to Elizabeth's only to find the house on fire.

The Zacchara's are not behind Lulu's kidnapping.  Its Jerry!  Lulu is RUMORED to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Johnny and Logan team up to find her but I am hearing its Johnny that saves the day and this MAY BE when the two have sex.

Are you sick of the mob stuff yet?  I know I am!  Let's move onto something else.  Its not much but I promise there are other storylines.

How about some Scrubs stuff?  They may not be on all that much this January.  RUMORS are swirling that the storyline including Leyla has been dropped.  I guess we'll have to see how it plays out on our screens.  Robin is still very much committed to having a baby.  Patrick is still RUMORED to change his mind about fatherhood but is he willing to raise a child that is not his, biologically?  Again I am seeing RUMORS of a possible sperm switch when both Carly and Robin undergo Artificial Insemination. 

Carly and Jax will have their baby drama but there may be more drama about Carly being involved in too many people's business, especially Jason and Liz.  Throw in Robin and Carly's lives being parallel with their quest for a child can CarJax survive?

The Quartermaines!  They will be involved in the custody battle.  It may not be as much as previously RUMORED but they will play a role. 

RUMORS regarding Nikolas and Emily's story are still that the story has been trimmed down.  There was far too much backlash from killing off such a core character.  We'll see Nikolas' struggles with his condition and Emily's support during it all.  More people will become aware of Nikolas "seeing" Emily and his rage episodes are RUMORED to return.

Tony Geary is off on vacation, again.  I am hearing its another long one and Tracey may be off screen with Luke while he recovers.  Tracey may pop in if the storyline calls for it.

Further down the road.... Jason and Elizabeth are completely out in the open....Custody Battle that has Lucky getting custody.....One of the boys are hurt with Lucky then giving custody back to Liz....Liason moves in together....Ric and ZaCrazy's Daughter....Will she move on to Sonny?