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Judi Evans Kicked Out Of Salem - AGAIN!

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Looks like another actor has been cut from the show. Judi Evans who plays Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis has been let go from the show as stated by the actress on her official website. Judi brought Adrienne back to Salem in May 2007 after her previous role of Bonnie Lockheart was tossed out by TPTB in March 2007. As another attempt to  boost sagging ratings at the NBC soap with yet another classic character return, Adrienne languished on the sidelines much like Bonnie, being strung along in the Steve & Kayla saga and running the Cheating Heart bar. Such a waste of another good character with great family ties to the community of Salem.

The following message was posted on her guestbook:

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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Austin, Michael, and I truly enjoyed ours. I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year. Days news: After the new year, Adrienne and Justin and their boys will be moving to Dubai. I just recieved the script. What's in store for them in the future is anyones guess. I am currently working on several different projects and will give updates when I can. Thank you for all your support through the years and may God bless you all!

All my best,