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What Does Carly and Maxie Have Against Liz?

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Have I ever mentioned how much I love our forum members in the TV Fan Online Forums?

They are some of the smartest, most intelligent and funny posters you can find on the web. Well leave it to one of our posters to put a new twist on the big ole Sam vs. Liz debate. We've had so many Liz vs. Sam debates we recently consolidated them down into one giant

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Liz vs. Sam debate thread

Now a great forum member (Sueboo) is asking "What does Carly and Maxie have against Liz" in the following post.

"We all really know what bug crawled up Sam's booty in regards to Elizabeth. I have been trying to remember what Liz did to Carly that has her so against her. And, is Maxie really mad at Liz because Maxie slept with Liz's husband? Is it an endless crush that makes her hate her? I know that Liz didn't believe Carly about Rik having raped her. I think Carly disliked her first though. Carly is always snarky with other females. Is it the close friendship between Liz and Jason? I have always thought that Carly is just possessive of her property and she thinks of Jason as her property. But is there a specific incident that set off the dislike?

I really want to know why Maxie and Carly dislike her. Reasons, incidents, explanations?

I'm curious because all we are given is insults that really are not insults. Carly and Maxie always call her perfect."

So there it is folks, what is it that Carly and Maxie have against Liz?