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Drake Confirms Return to Days

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Yes Drake fans!  Drake Hogestyn himself has confirmed that he is returning to Days Of Our Lives as John Black.

Drake gives the good news in an interview in the 1/15/08 issue of Soap Opera Digest (pages 42-46).  In it, he also reveals that we're finally going to get the back story to John's character, something a lot of fans have been waiting for (me included - how could they kill off his character and leave John's past unresolved???).

Personally, I'm now officially HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! After all the rumours about Drake's return to Days as John vs Drake going to General Hospital, I just didn't know what to believe.  Days has not been the same for me since John's "death" and I can't wait to see how his return plays out (the start of which we've already seen - if you didn't know, he's Stefano's "patient").

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You'll have to excuse me now, I'm off to celebrate with Dr.EvansBlack!! Woot!