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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.04.08

TGIF!  Even with the short work week, I'm still exhausted.  

Here's the Scoop!

Sonny and Kate in Bensonhurst!  They talk about the past alot and now they'll go back to the old neighborhood for a visit.  Not sure when it happens but I am hearing that Sonny leaves Kate in Manhattan and returns to Port Charles. 

The fireworks are coming!  Carly rips into Elizabeth for keeping Jake's paternity a secret.  It looks like Liz will try to tell Carly that the secret was Jason's decision too.  Carly isn't buying Liz's story though.  She insists there is no way Jason would give up his own son. Carly goes as far to threaten Liz with making sure Jason gets joint custody of Jake.  I'm hearing that Carly may even slap Liz! Look for Jason to defend Elizabeth and his choices.  Will Jason and Carly's friendship survive?  I'm hearing that Jason takes a long hard look at his relationship with both Sonny and Carly.  Like I told you yesterday, Jason's given up alot.  What has CarSon given up?  In true Carly form, she devises a plan that backfires and it could cost her Jason.

Anyone else wondering how Elizabeth and Cameron wind up on the outside of a burning down house?  Well it looks like Elizabeth comes down to see Cam playing with the matches and a lit match gets thrown in the trash can.  Cameron runs out the door and Elizabeth follows him out to reprimand him.  She turns around to find her living room up in flames with Jake still inside the house. 

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Logan, Johnny and Spinelli team up to find Lulu!  She's being held in a monastery and looked after by monks.  In true Spencer form, Lulu is said to find her own way out but also directly into another jam.  RUMORS have Lu faking a choking episode and hitting a monk over the head, knocking him out.  She'll make a run for it and get a message to Spinelli.  Now she'll just have to wait for someone to come and get her.  Early RUMORS have her being grabbed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Not sure if this is still the case when she is grabbed from Kelly's Courtyard but Jerry is said to tell Johnny that she will not be released until his shipment has come in. Logan overhears the convo and confronts Johnny.   I'm not sure if Jerry places a call in his french accent or if he confronts Johnny face to face. 

According to Sarah Brown herself, she is playing ZaCrazy's daughter.  But she says her character name is Claudia.  We won't see Claudia at first.  She's the puppet master to Jerry's puppet.  Does Jerry know he's being played?  When Jerry doesn't do exactly what Claudia tells him to do where Johnny is concerned, she gets pissed. Ric is still RUMROED to tie into this storyline.  I am still hearing that she will be an old girlfriend of Ric's but that he has no idea she is Anthony  Zacchara's  daughter.  It looks like he will in fact get Lorenzo's waterfront property from Skye and Claudia wants it. 

Speaking of puppets.... It looks like Trevor finds out that Lulu and Johnny have slept together.  He'll at least recognize that their relationship has elevated.  He'll use Johnny's attachment to Lulu to control Johnny and the business.  Logan tells Johnny to stay away from Lulu but of course Lulu is the mini-Calry and sticks her nose everywhere it doesn't belong.  Lulu may be having a run in with Johnny's sis.

Leyla and the sexual harrassment RUMORS.  Well it looks like it may be half true.  Leyla may not officially claim sexual harrassment.  She may just start some "office" gossip by telling the other nurses to steer clear of Dr. Drake.  She is RUMORED to relay a story to the nurses.  One that says Patrick told Leyla she'd go far at GH if she sleeps with him. 

Have a Great Weekend!  GO BUCKS!