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Tell It Like You Mean It!

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Nora: She's playing you! Oh, never mind. You want to ride to the rescue, that's your business, but don't come crying to me when she stabs you in the back with a pair of scissors!

This is by far the Quote of The Day from One Life To Live as Nora snips at Bo and RJ (Yay  to see him back!) as they argue on who'd be better suited to take care of Lindsay. EXCELLENT episode that I accidentally taped instead of ATWT but to my sheer delight, I wasn't disappointed. Lindsay got away with murder because the judge ruled that she was legally criminally insane when she killed Spencer Truman. Nora was beside herself at the judges decision and tried her darnest to convince the judge that she is still a danger to society based on her previous track record. I was torn on this one because I argee with Nora legally but love to death Lindsay at the same time.

However I think the scene stealer of the episode had to go to Addie for her comments blurted out during the hearing!

Runner up Quotes goes to Dorian, Blair & Addie:

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Dorian: Men -- they just love a broken woman.

Addie: She's not broken. She's fixed.

Blair: Mama, who do you think she's going to pick?

Addie: I'll never tell. But I know which one I'd choose.