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New Year, New Spoilers

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I have spoilers for the week starting Jan 07, 2008 that look pretty good. I don’t see anyone having awkward sex… Oh wait. Scratch that. There is some awkward sex. Dammit!!!! Oh well. Here’s what I’ve got. 

**Guess who finds out that a little bit of bone marrow can cure what ails him? Physically speaking that is. Who knows if there is anything that can cure his psychotic tendencies?

**Aidan and Kendall can’t stop getting all twitchy around each other after their night of bridled, awkward unpassion in a dank cabin…

**JR Chandler asks Bobble Head Babe for yet another do over… JR had Amanda in his bed! How do you go from caviar to chopped liver? I don’t get it! 

**Interestingly, Hannah goes bananas and takes Josh hostage. Unfortunately for the Unaborted One, he isn’t being used as a sex slave.


Sean and Hannah bump uglies while she’s trying to flee PV. (I get Sean doing it. Teenage boys will do it anytime and with anyone but Hannah?? It makes NO sense!!)

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**Super Hot Psycho Richie puts the moves on Bobble Head Babe but she puts the brakes on. Oh yeah, like she has better options. At least Richie cuts his hair and washes it on occasion.

**Someone help me! Who is Dre and why is he in the Chandler Mansion tunnels with Mayor McCheese (aka Colby Chandler)???

**Ryan gets shot and goes all schizo. Rumor has it the man is running around the snow in his boxers. Some may call it a new lease on life. I call it a plot device to get Ryan naked.

**Hannah makes like a banana and splits… After she slips on her peel and plummets to her death.

**Dr Joe calls Dr Angie to consult on a case when Quentin and Greens are showing like symptoms that not even Dr House can diagnose. Can someone help me? Are Quentin and Dre the same person??

**Jack and Julia go on a date… So long Jerica!! Hello Jaclia!!  I think Jack and Julia are so pretty together…