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NBC Days Weekly Video Preview 1/07

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Ok, so I was going to post the actual video here, but apparently what worked a few hours ago no longer does. Anyway, for those who haven't seen it, click on the following link: and it'll take you right to the video proof of John Black's return - coming up this week (Jan 8th to be specific) on Days Of Our Lives.

What other goodies do the powers that be have in store for us this week? Well...

Marlena is going to pull out that gun of her's again and point it at Stefano! Woot! She's wanting answers for Brady's disappearance and 20 years of torture and pain from the DiMera's makes her think they have something to do with it.  She may be wrong, but it's sure gonna be fun watching her scare the pants off Stefano in the meantime.

Hope is in for a busy week - first she's going to get the skinny from Crystal about what the frack is going on with all the warnings, then she and Belle are going to have a little chat before she goes to stake out Crystal's store with Bo (that sounds like quite a lot for one week in Salem)...

EJ to the rescue! His re-found redemptive path has him saving Lucas' life this week.  Yes, I agree, what a weird way to treat someone who tried to kill you - but a DiMera always has a reason for their actions... Meanwhile, Stefano ups the ante on EJ's loyalty to the DiMera legacy and has all of EJ's furniture removed from his apartment, which begs the question... has he been evicted or is he just living in a furniture-less apartment now? Will Apt 32 become his new home? 

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Speaking of Apt 32, Sami is still saying she's done with Lucas - this week she's refusing to help with Lucas' defense.  I'm thinking it might have something to do with Lucas agreeing to Kate and Philip's plan to plead not guilty due to temporary insanity - blaming Sami's marriage to EJ as the cause.

Philip keeps up his pursuit of Belle this week, even though she tells him she can't trust him.  His condition for helping with the Viennese police has Chloe getting closer to Shawn, even spending some time bonding with him and Claire. Uh oh... is she going to fall for Shawn? Is Shawn going to have another rebound relationship because of a lie Belle told (who remembers him going off after Belle lied about being with her mother during the SSK storyline, only to be kidnapped by Jan, yada yada yada...)

Lastly, Chelsea is going to 'fess up to Nick about Ford's death - he of course, is not going to be happy.  Stephaniefinally confides in Max about Ford raping her; he will convince her she needs to see a therapist about the rape (be nice people).

Coming Up Next Week:

Belle and Claire kidnapped, Belle gets away, but Claire is not so lucky (or maybe she is, depending on your view of Shelle's parenting :P )

Nick wants Chelsea to tell the truth about Ford's death (shocker)

Bo believes Stefano is innocent in Claire's kidnapping (now that is a kind of shocker)

Comings and Goings:

Ashlee Holland (Crystal) has signed a 3-year contract with Days

Julie Pinson (Billie) has been confirmed to be leaving