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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.07.08

Here's the Scoop!

It looks like the Sam telling Carly stuff was slightly off. RUMORS right now say (and seem to fit with the previews) that Elizabeth is trying to find a babysitter to go see Jason. Somehow or another, Sam overhears this and says she'll watch the boys. Elizabeth turns her down, the two battle and I am assuming an older spoiler happens. Elizabeth is RUMORED to tell Sam she wants her nowhere near her children. Pissed off, Sam goes to Carly's to her about Jake and cause some real problems for Jason and Liz. 

Carly is hurt by Jason's silence regarding Jake.  She 100% blames Liz for her BFF keeping her in the dark and not claiming his son.  Jason will tell Carly this is the choice HE made for HIS family.  Jason is RUMORED to apologize to Carly for keeping the secret from her, but not for hiding that he is Jake's father. 

The TMK will be revealed. Some have said it will be late January now I am hearing February Sweeps. I am still hearing rumblings that there are two killers. One is the TMK the other has their own motives.

LuSam....I know I've told you they're breaking up. Sam's lies and misdeeds will be made known to Lucky and he leaves her. He still has the custody battle to contend with and Sam was a major factor in encouraging him to go for custody. Even though they're said to break up I am hearing that Sam will still be there for Lucky during the custody fight. This should have them getting back together. For how long, I don't know. Remember Sam and Lucky were not intended to last. The response to LuSam has been fantastic and TPTB never expected this. Also a lot of stuff was decided when it looked like KeMo was leaving. She decided to stay in September and the strike wasn't too long after that. RUMOR has it that Guza didn't really have much of a plan for Sam. Is it showing on screen?

Jason and Liz's "affair" is outed this month. Most likely the end of the month to help kick off sweeps and the custody fight.  Carly is said to be working hard to keep Liz and Jason away from each other.  Jason tells Carly to leave Elizabeth alone.....she doesn't.

I'm still hearing RUMORS that Jax could in fact be the Father of Robin's baby.  Look for Carly and Jax to need Artificial Insemination to conceive a child.  Robin makes the decision to go ahead with an anonymous donor.  BUT there is a possibility that Robin's Baby story has once again been pushed back.  This time it could be because of the writer's strike and a certain head writer that wants to be the one writing the story. 

It looks like Bomber Dude grabs Sam! Jason is there trying to talk him down.  Edward is there to witness Jason take control of the situation.

Lucky is at Elizabeth's bedside at GH.

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There have been RUMORS that Carly makes a huge mistake where Jason is concerned. I mentioned one of her plans gone bad in today's spoilers. Well the latest RUMOR is that she takes the stand in the custody trial as a witness for Lucky and claims Elizabeth is an unfit mother. IF THIS IS TRUE, it would fit into the SPOILERS that the Jason and Carly friendship is in trouble. Could Jason ever forgive Carly for something like this?

Claudia aka Sarah Brown's character is supposed to double cross Jerry.  BUT I am also hearing there could be a romance of sorts for the two.  How hot would Sarah Brown and Sebastain Roche be together?  WAIT!  What about all those Jerry and Alexis RUMORS?  Right now both RUMORS are out there.  When Claudia first comes on scene, she is RUMORED to try and kill Jerry.   My prediction is that we'll see a little of both.  We'll see Jerry still trying to woo Alexis and Claudia mixing it up with the Bad Jacks.  Ultimately it'll most likely be the fan's response as to which direction they go.  Jerry is still said to be there for Alexis concerning Nikolas.  Claudia is said to question Jerry's relationship with Alexis and her handling of the money transfer.  Working for the Mob, working Alexis and being compassionate.....that Jerry Jacks will be a busy boy!

Speaking of Nikolas.... I mentioned his rage episodes will return.  He'll be seeing Patrick and robin about his condition.  Emily will be with him.  RUMORS have Patrick being forced to sedate Nikolas.  Look for Nadine to play a small role in this storyline.  She'll be Nikolas' nurse and possibly one of the only people able to talk him down.  This should be a test for the pairing. 

More on Alexis!  RUMORS have her being attacked by the killer.  She is also RUMORED to receive a text!

I am hearing that Jane Elliot has taped scenes since Tony Geary left for vacation.  As I told you before, she should factor into Monica's storyline.  RUMORS say Jane, John and Leslie have filmed scenes together.  Monica is still RUMORED to turn to alcohol to cope.  Will learning about Jake help turn her around?  

That orderly Cassius is on alot lately.  Wonder why?  Well RUMORS say he has ties to PC.  With the lack of diversity on GH, who could he be tied to?

That's all for now!  GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!