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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

January 7 - January 13, 2008

ARIES: Your diplomatic side emerges this week, which makes people wonder just what you're really up to. Keep them guessing, as you'll want to keep your own personal plans under wrap for a few more weeks. Fairness and objectivity are your mottos, as you try to get everyone to "play nice"! Like Aries Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina, The Teenage Witch") you're torn between letting things just happen, or tossing a little magic into the mix to lean things in your favor. I'd go with the magic myself!

TAURUS: You keep everyone in stitches with your keen observations this week, emulating Taurus Jerry Seinfield to get their full attention. Maintain a humorous view of your own life too, and you'll be able to dodge the blocks and overcome any unexpected obstacles with ease. A new idea is incubating, so start doing a little research now to determine your next step. Finances start to improve, and from the looks of things, you may soon be laughing all the way to the bank!

GEMINI: You mind is racing this week, as idea after idea starts coming at you. Don't forget to breathe, and take lots of notes. And please, put them in a place you can find them later! Like Gemini Keenen Ivory Wayans, the force behind the success of "In Living Color", you're building new opportunities from the ground up, making detailed notations and plans for the future. Your biggest challenge will be keeping up with an already packed schedule while adding new enterprises. Oh well, you can sleep next week!

CANCER: Cancer Tom Hanks has evolved radically since he appeared on the scene in TV's "Bosom Buddies" in the 80's, and never hesitates to take on new and challenging roles. You may not be trying out for a new sitcom or movie, but you will be maneuvering through some interesting challenges this week. Pace yourself, be patient, and keep moving; before you know it, you'll have a brand new "role" and a brand new path to consider!

LEO: It's time for a makeover to greet the new year, and most Leo's will start with a new hairdo, revamping their manes as they prepare to venture out into new and uncharted territory. Your reputation proceeds you, and like Leo Matt LeBlanc (Joey - "Friends"), it's time to break out of the typecast roles everyone has pinned on you. Seek out the unusual, the extraordinary and the rare, as you reclaim your individuality and carve out a new niche for yourself in 2008!

VIRGO: Stretch yourself this week, breaking out of the routine and taking a few risks! Like Virgo Will Smith, you've made some stellar progress over the last few years; you're on a roll so don't stop now! You've eliminated the clutter in your home, and now it's time to do the same in your personal life. Though you're great at drawing new friends into your midst, it's getting a little crowded, so it's time to let go of a few that aren't really jiving with your new lifestyle and focus!

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LIBRA: What in the world could Libras Simon Cowell and Taylor Hicks have in common besides "American Idol"? They both have the same birthday! You feel like singing this week too, as things finally align and new directions are not only confirmed, but encouraged! Though you may seem the most unlikely choice for an important job, it's coming your way, so be prepared to let go of some old obligations to make room for an exciting new one!

SCORPIO: You're more a supporting actor than the star this week, but that doesn't mean your work won't be appreciated. Like Scorpio Cody Linley (Jake - "Hannah Montana") everyone leans heavily on your presence, just for security and support. Don't be surprised when you get a call or email from an old friend or business associate, though you will be surprised by what they have to say! This could be the breakthrough you've been waiting for!

SAGITTARIUS: You're always up for trying new things, and you'll have many opportunities to do just that this week. A new sport, hobby or relationship takes most of your focus, and like Sagittarius Christina Applegate ("Married With Children", "Samantha Who?") whatever you're doing, you'll give it your all! Try not to take another's thoughtlessness personally, or you'll waste a lot of time trying to figure out what you did wrong. Soon enough, you'll discover that the answer to that question is, "nothing"!

CAPRICORN: You're playing corporate "pirate" this week, and like no-nonsense Capricorn Orlando Bloom ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), people better either join your team or get out of the way! This is the week you put all your great ideas into action, so expect to burn the midnight oil. Block out a space of time to spend with loved ones though, as they'll be pouting by the weekend if you don't!

AQUARIUS: You tend to get bored if things aren't changing all the time, but really, couldn't you use a break, just for a few days? Your real job this week is to cast a lighthearted and humorous tone on everyone else's challenges, so emulate Aquarius Chris Rock and throw them off guard with your outrageous observations! Besides, don't you have some work to catch up on that got "lost in translation" over the holidays?

PISCES: Your optimism is contagious, even though everyone knows your a bit idealistic about future plans. Don't let them take the wind out of your sails though; just take a page out of "Sex and the City" character Charlotte's book (Pisces Kristen Davis) and never let go of your dreams. And speaking of that, there's a dreamy new romance coming your way, if you're lucky enough to be a single Pisces still on the market!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Nicolas Cage ("Moonstruck"), Kathleen Noone (Edna Wallace - "Passions"), Bob Denver (Gilligan - "Gilligan's Island"), Ray Bolger (Scarecrow - "Wizard of Oz"), Kim Coles ("Living Single"), Kirstie Alley ("Cheers", "Veronica's Closet"), and Patrick Dempsey ("Grey's Anatomy").

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