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GH Scoops & Spoilers 01.08.08

Here's the Scoop!

I've mentioned this before....Lulu and Johnny have sex.  It should be soon, possibly at the end of her little kidnapping thing.  Lulu will call it a mistake and say she wants to be with Logan. 

Ric does get Lorenzo's waterfornt property from Skye.  Will he sell it?  To who?

Is Jason on Jerry's trail?  Possibly.  At least Jerry is RUMORED to feel the heat.  He'll want his contact to show themselves.  Jerry is not all that happy about being the one to take all the risks.  Like I mentioned yesterday, Jerry is concerned for Alexis in regards to what is happening with Nikolas.  Alexis is also RUMORED to catch Jerry on the phone, again. 

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Patrick tells Nikolas that now that they know what's wrong with him its time to look for a cure.  A rage episode is RUMORED to bring Nikolas to GH where Patrick sedates him.  Nikolas does not want to lose Emily and refuses treatment.  Nikolas and Emily argue over his refusal to get treatment. 

I mentioned the RUMORED attack on Alexis.  If it happens, it should be in the next two weeks. Will it be Ric to the rescue?  Ric may be pointing a finger in Jerry's direction.  I have seen one RUMOR a few times now.  Will Alexis be the DA again?  Ric may be handing the office back to his ex as his mob involvement increases.

Robin is RUMORED to collapse.  Patrick is said to be there.  The RUMORS go on to say that since Georgie's death, Robin has not been taking care of herself.  She'll still be on baby mode and Patrick can't seem to support her when she's not taking better care of herself.  There is supposed to be a scene were Patrick opens up to Leo.  He's RUMORED to tell Leo that he's more afraid of losing Robin then of becoming a dad. 

Carly causing trouble?  Now that she knows the truth about Jake, its only a matter of time before she comes up with a plan.  I am seeing RUMORS that she goes to Diane and tries to get her to file custody papers on Jason's behalf.  Will she find out that Diane's known the truth all along?