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Tristan Rogers: How I'd Set Up A Soap

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Here at Daytime Confidential we're big fans of Tristan Rogers and reading his blog. In his latest blog post he's discussing how he'd set up a soap. We've posted a preview below but you'll want to check it out.

"When it comes to the subject matter for the show itself, the selection should be up-beat and hip. Something that can "crossover" and interest a broad demographic. Yes, it's important to cater to the demands of sponsors, but I have never understood why this has to be at the outright exclusion of certain age groups. And so we look for something that is going to attract the public's interest. Like a show centered around a film company, television channel, talent agency, advertising agency, cosmetic company etc. Anything that tends to have a foot in something glamorous or something that is "seemingly glamorous"."

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