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EJ Uncovers The Secret...John's Alive!

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Hurray John Black is Back! Although I have no clue as to how Stephano got his hands on John or how this miracle has happened. All I know is that I'm so glad he is alive and 'well'. However it remains to be seen how much control Stephano has over John as it appears that some sort of mind control measures must be in place as Stephano keeps referring to him as his greatest soldier.

But is that really John or did the real John die at the hospital by Marlena's side and this person is another imposter (twin brother perhaps?) or did John secretly make a deal with Stephano for reasons yet to be made clear to us and stage the whole hit and run? I haven't kept up with the spoilers out there myself but I am really looking forward to what is in store as now Days Of Our Lives is getting very exciting now!

The only thing that really got me yelling at my TV once again is EJ not telling Sami what she saw at his father's house. All he told her was that he saw his father 'in a different light'. What kind of bullcrap is that? Just tell her the truth and be done with it. If EJ wants to win the heart of Samantha then he's got to be completely honest with her no matter the circumstances! And wouldn't him telling her that John is alive and under the control of Stephano be proof enough of his sincerity and good nature? I don't think Sami will be pleased to hear John is alive and EJ knew all along and never told her! So tell her already!

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