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For the Love of All My Children & Agnes Nixon

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For the love of All My Children and Agnes Nixon, what the hell is going on with this freaking show?  It makes even less sense than Passions' hermaphrodite psycho Vincent, which is not an accomplishment to be proud of. How in the world can a show be run into the ground as fast and apparently as intentionally as All My Children is without anything beind done to stop the terrible writing?

Let's just take a look at the last year alone because if we went back over the past three years the list would be even longer. So in no particular order and just as they come to me let's take a look at what has happened.


1. Zendall was ruined

2. Bad Writing

3. Zarf was brought on and was basically a headline grabber and nothing else.

4. Bianca was brought back to make excuses for Babe and to prop the headline grabbing Zarf character.

5. All My Children officially became the Ryan Lavery show.

6. They killed off Simone portrayed by the talented Terri Ivans.

7. The last remaining black female character from a heritage family and fan fav Danielle was written off.

8. Dixie was killed of using a freaking pancake.

9. Really Bad Writing

10. Greenlee was recast with an actress who wasn't Budig's Greenlee but did the best she could

11. Sabine Singh was fired so that the "REAL" Greenlee could return in what has become a publicity nightmare.

12. They recast Babe instead of just writing her off as they should have.

13. Kendall and Aiden slept together when we all know that would have never happened.

14. Erica and Jackson have been ruined

15. Colby isn't being used.

16. Adam has made to do unthinkable things that were totally out of character for him including abandoning a woman in labor.

17. Ava, nothing else needs to be said.

18. Amanda has not been developed as a character the way she should have been

19.  Horrible writing

20.  The never ending Kate saga

Other Notable Travesties in Recent Years.

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Other issues that just don't jive.

Quite possibly the only thing that All My Children has done right this past year was introduce Ritchie as a character and the reason he has been great is because he's so refreshingly original, in that he calls the other characters on their crap but why is it that he has to be paired with the glittery hoo hoo Babe? Can't they think of anyone original to put a new character with beside the woman who seems to sleep with just about anyone?

Then we have the return of Jesse and Angie to All My Children which could be a very good thing but now we have word that their son Frank is being cast. Why is it that now that we'll have a young black male character from a heritage family on the show again Danielle is nowhere to be seen even though she would make the perfect love interest?

On top of all this Colby's newish friend, who up to this point has done nothing more than slump in a chair at the Chandlers with his eyes covered during pictures, is the son of a Senatorial  candidate who is going to be a new love interest for Erica Kane? WTF? If TIIC are intent on breaking Erica and Jackson up why aren't they going for obvious gold by hooking Erica and Adam back up? Why pay for another contract when the shows ratings are in the toilet and they can take advantage of one of the few things that are actually working on the show these days?